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iLink Systems presents EMR integration using Silverlight and Microsoft CUI at the MSHUG Conference

iLink Systems presents EMR integration using Silverlight and Microsoft CUI at the MSHUG Conference

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

iLink Systems presents EMR integration using Silverlight and Microsoft CUI at the MSHUG Conference

Bellevue, WA. iLink demonstrates an enterprise EMR integration with improved user experience at Microsoft Healthcare User Group (HUG) conference 2008 in Bellevue, WA. The web-based application communicates with the EMR application from an enterprise Healthcare client using Silverlight and Microsoft CUI, with the intent of providing rich clinical applications for easier adoption and to improve patient safety. Presented at the Microsoft Healthcare User Group Conference in Bellevue, the application was developed using Microsoft Health CUI guidelines and Silverlight as the technology of choice. The solution is lightweight and runs on IIS. The application is based on .NET 2.0 and has improved User Experience. The patient information data is obtained securely using Web Services.

According to Sridhar Mahadevan, CTO of iLink Systems, “Lack of good user experience has been a barrier to adoption of clinical applications, and not many clinical applications use rich media. Microsoft Silverlight has enabled developers deliver the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.. With an easy to understand interface and a rich interactive experience, physicians can now customize applications to suit their needs. There is now a greater potential for adoption of clinical applications.”

iLink helps Healthcare Organizations improve clinical quality, control costs, manage data, improve patient safety and overall satisfaction leading to better patient outcomes. They specialize in interfacing medical devices, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Personal Health Records (PHR) to Microsoft HealthVault so that patients can access their complete health information at all times using a single sign on feature. With added expertise in providing data warehousing, reporting, analytics and performance management solutions, iLink can help enhance productivity and foster confident decision making. Their executive dashboard solutions have helped executives make better decisions using Microsoft Office tools, monitor performance and quality measures without having to leave the familiarity of Outlook.


Anand Gaddum, Healthcare Practice Director said that “With patient safety being the primary concern of many healthcare organizations, providing clinical applications with consistent data presentation format is essential. Vendors who provide these applications need to adopt a consistent data presentation format, as presented in the Microsoft Health CUI guidelines. The value added is not only for the application, but also for the healthcare organization, as well as for the patients. Hospitals can also adopt these guidelines for their internal applications, so that physicians and clinicians have a consistent view of the same data across all applications. Healthcare organizations need to start at some place to improve patient safety and make patient care better and faster. Using Microsoft Health CUI guidelines is definitely a good start in this long journey."

About iLink Systems, Inc:

iLink Systems, Inc. is an ISO certified and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner & Preferred Vendor. iLink has proven expertise in offering best of breed solutions to healthcare vertical and its project teams marry the best in domain expertise and technology know-how. Technologies that we've implemented for our Healthcare clients include .Net (including WPF, WCF and WF), Business Intelligence - SQL Server 2005 (with integration, analysis, reporting, OLAP, etc), SharePoint 2007, BPI - BizTalk (with WF, HL7 accelerator), Mobility, etc. Some of our healthcare solutions include Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Charge Capture, HIPAA Compliance and Consulting, Health Care Portal Solutions, BizTalk HL7 Accelerator, Outcome Analysis, interfaces for medical devices, etc. We have expertise in harnessing technology to bring out the best solutions for our clients such as Premera, Arthritis Foundation, GE Healthcare, Health Partners, Drugstore.com and Lumedx.

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