Environmental Budget Tracking System

Business Scenario:

Automate and web enable environmental budgeting, project management and tracking through a new budget tracking system. The client wanted a web-based application that can support the creation, review, approval and tracking of environmental project’s in real-time and thereby increase the visibility of monitoring environmental projects.

The clients wanted a system that encapsulates the above functionalities in addition to the following features:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Scalable and powerful
  • Enhanced ability to handle the demanding feature list from their end users
  • Easier to integrate/implement with existing systems
  • Extensible to other allied government agencies with relative ease
  • .Net Compatible for enhanced features
  • Ability to securely access over the internet

iLink Contribution:

  • Entire IT development has been tasked to iLink
  • iLink has implemented very customized user interfaces and workflows for the clients but has kept the design generic enough for future extensions and customization for any other client requiring a similar product
  • Designed and implemented web 2.0 standards in the product for ease of interface capability with other systems in the clients’ agency
  • iLink’s greatest contribution has been improving usability, maintainability, reliability and Extensibility.

iLink Solution:

iLink and one of its partners developed the Budget Tracking System, a real time project management tool used at several different government agencies.. The Budget Tracking System was developed to validate, track and manage environmental requirements and funding in the budget and execution years. The audit features enables them to maintain visibility of the planning and execution of the environmental funds. The application was built using the .NET framework with an easy to use interface to support a large number of users.

Business Value:

Reduced redundant data entry resulting in minimized data errors

  • Reduced redundant data entry resulting in minimized data errors
  • Reduced Development Cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost and increased maintainability, as the data is stored centrally in the server
  • 24X7 access from any web connected PC
  • Better organization of information resulting in increased productivity
  • Easy to integrate with other enterprise applications


  • The Budget Tracking System was developed using three tier architecture – easily navigable user interface (UI), business logic layer and data access layer for connecting to the database.
  • User Interface tier: Static HTML and ASP .NET pages
  • Middle Tier Design: Code behind pages coded in C#
  • Data Tier Design: Microsoft .NET Application Blocks, Stored procedures, Views and Tables on MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Reports: MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2005