Application Modernization

Application Modernization Services:

In today’s competitive world, enterprises are under tremendous pressure to increase agility, flexibility, productivity, and reduces costs, and look for innovative ways to optimize their IT environment to achieve these objectives. Using legacy applications and outdated infrastructure, as most of these enterprises do, could be a time-consuming, cost incurring, resource intensive process, and difficult to integrate with newer and agile systems. In order to help businesses meet today’s requirements and be upbeat with the competition, iLink, through its Application Modernization including Cloud computing services, helps them provide rich mobile and web-front experiences to their users anywhere, anytime, while retaining their business logic on the legacy systems.

iLink, a specialized Application Modernization and cloud computing service provider, has been delivering application modernization services to customers around the world to help them capitalize on new IT paradigms such as the Cloud, social, mobility and big data, increase their product or service reach, and provide improved customer experiences across the devices (PCs, Laptops, smart phones, tablets etc). iLink can help you modernize your legacy applications and develop modern applications, and enable your organization make information readily available to your customers, employees, others you choose on their choice of device.

Applicaiton Modernization Services

Cloud’s influence in Application Modernization:

Cloud plays a critical role in Application Modernization process. Modernizing and running applications in the cloud help businesses increase efficiency, scalability and lower capital expenditures. As opposed to the localized & disparate legacy systems, applications running in the cloud- based systems offer greater mobility and flexibility as they can be accessed anywhere, anytime and easily integrate with other applications hosted in the cloud. There are different levels of services provided on the cloud, such as IaaS (Infrastructure level), PaaS (Platform level), SaaS (Software/Application level). Leveraging these options to move your applications or your platform or your infrastructure itself to the cloud is quintessential not only in building a scalable infrastructure and application base, but also in reducing operations and maintenance demands, increased availability, pay-as-you-use paradigms, and resulting in increased TCOs through a multitude of other factors as well. Based on your sensitive business needs, Cloud technologies also provide flexibility in target environments such as Public, Private or Hybrid. This back end setup also helps in better integration and reachability to your target audience through continuous cross device and platform connectivity based on tools like Skydrive, etc. Adopting the cloud strategy in the backend for app modernization is virtually a no brainer in most of the cases to such highly visible benefits. However, migrating applications to the cloud as part of the modernization strategy needs to be handled in a very careful and surgical manner to avoid risks and operational interruptions and ensure smooth transition. There are a multitude of factors that influence this migration roadmap – some of them are identified below:

  • Clear definition of the critical success factors and criteria
  • Defining the target environments and service levels for migration
  • Identifying Business Process and App inventory and corresponding mapping
  • App level delineation, inter app dependencies, consumption requirements
  • SLAs and corresponding readiness testing
  • Migration planning and execution

iLink can also help you create an overarching IT modernization strategy and roadmap, based on your business goal and objectives, that addresses applications, infrastructure, processes and operations.

Why Modern Apps for your business?

  • Increase your reach –2.5 billion users connected to the Internet (as of 2012), and can potentially be exposed to your product or service app.
  • Provide consistent UX across the devices - As of 2012 10 billion devices (computers, smartphones, cars, appliances, wearable devices) were connected to the Internet and this number is expected to double in the next couple of years.
  • Boost the impact of your new and existing applications.
  • Quickly extend applications with new capabilities and deploy on multiple devices.
  • Provide you with huge volume of data for better understanding your customers and enabling your organization respond faster and more effectively.
  • Let your applications live and move wherever you want.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the application.
  • Delight your customers with a richer user experience and provide a consistent, contextualized brand experience.
  • Connect and build customer relationships across disparate media and a multitude of devices.
  • Leverage business analytics and insight into online investments from customer interactions.
  • Measure results and find new ways to innovate, extend, reach, and drive business growth.

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Our offerings include

  • Develop Modern applications and services.
  • Modernizing legacy applications.
  • Extending your applications with new capabilities and deploy on multiple devices.
  • Integrating Modern Apps with your current systems.
  • Modern LOB Apps.
  • Modern App Roadmap for your organization.
  • In-depth technical consulting.
  • Cost-effectively implement a social infrastructure without jeopardizing proprietary information.
  • Effectively engineer your applications to efficiently access or move large amounts of data around the network without impacting application performance.
  • Support various mobile platforms and build a supportable architecture in which standards can be consistently applied.

Modern Application Development in Web and Sharepoint:

  • Strong expertise on Javascript frameworks - Anuglar JS, Backbone, RequireJS
  • Experience developing solutions using Single Page Application(SPA) Architecture.
  • Responsive Design using solutions like BootStrap, Foundation etc
  • Expertise in building REST API & Service Oriented Architecture using WEB API 2.0

iLink’s Application Modernization Offers

Today, many companies understand the importance of application modernization to support a rapidly expanding marketplace and changing technology needs of customers, employees and business partners, but not sure where to start from. In order to help and encourage customers move towards application modernization and reap the best possible value, iLink is currently promoting the following application modernization offers:

  • One day free consultation
  • Build Rapid Prototype of Modern App for a small investment
  • 3 day assessment – Analysis
  • Developing Application Modernization strategy and roadmap