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iLink BMC offerings:

Today, across the globe, organizations right from small to Global 100 rely on BMC software solutions to manage their business services and applications across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. With several years of experience and expertise in delivering solutions on BMC Technology stack especially with Remedy suite, iLink helps customers across the globe simplify IT processes, automate workflows and improve decision making using BMC products. Whether you are a public or private, large or small, local or global firm, iLink can help you implement, maintain, leverage and optimize your BMC Solutions. iLink has several employees and consultants with vast experience in the BMC stack, who have been helping clients resolve the greatest infrastructure management challenges, leverage existing BMC investment, cut costs, reduce risk and achieve business objectives with efficient and value-driven strategies. Some of our services and offerings on BMC stack include:

BMC Remedy Custom Interface Implementation:

iLink has extensive experience in the following types of integrations.

WebService Integration:

Enable other applications to create, modify or search data in the AR System through webservices. The SOA can further be utilized to build scalable custom interfaces with ERP, CRM and other Enterprise applications.

Email Engine Integration:

It is possible to utilize the email engine to create, modify or search tickets in the AR system.

Database integration:

Exracitng AR System data utilizing database views and custom stored procedures.

API integration:

Utilizing the .NET and COM API’s exposed by the AR System to create, modify and search tickets.

BMC Atrium Integrator for data transfer:

The BMC Atrium Integrator provides the tools needed to manage bulk and incremental data transfers between external data sources and the CMDB. The integrator supports a wide variety of formats for data transfers such as xml, flat file, databases. The data can also be transformed as needed.

AD Integration for Authentication:

Utilize the AREA plugin API to integrate with the Active Directory for authentication.

Remedy Upgrades:

With its rich experience in BMC Remedy domain, iLink knows what it takes to make your upgrades smooth and pain free.

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite:

iLink has an extensive experience and expertise implementing end to end solutions in the BMC ITSM suite to help customers cut costs, reduce risk and meet business objectives. Having implemented Remedy solutions for companies ranging from mid-size to Fortune 50 across different verticals, iLink knows what it takes to customize Remedy ITSM solution to fit your needs. Our offerings include:

Service Request Management:

iLink can bring in its ITSM expertise to assist with building and configuring a corporate Service Catalog customized for your needs. iLink can assist with the analysis of the each LOB’s in your organization and help build an effective operational and product category listing for your organization and an effective Service catalog.

Incident and Problem Management:

iLink can help you customize Incident and Problem Management modules to fit your organization needs, and empower your agents with information to help them make better decisions and maximize their productivity and impact.

Change and Release Management:

iLink can assist with gap analysis of existing Change and Release process against ITIL specifications, and assist with customizations to Change and Release Modules to fit your specific organizational needs.

Service Level Management:

iLink can help you configure SLA’s for delivery and support of business services.

Dashboard and Analytics:

Remedy SharePoint 2013 Integration and Reporting:

iLink has developed a Remedy connector framework which is a rich, powerful and complete solution that delivers the power of Remedy through SharePoint 2010 Web parts, SQL server 2012 reporting services, and MS Outlook plug in capability. >>

BMC Atrium Dashboard and Analytics:

iLink has vast experience in setting up the platform and configuring Business Objects and Analytics, SSO Integration with third party tools such as Java System Solutions SSO , and build custom reporting with drill down capabilities.

As you might know, the Out of the box Remedy Analytics reports have only limited reporting for specific ITSM modules. In a typical ITSM mature organization where more than one ITSM modules is being utilized, it becomes all the more important for the management to have a unified and consolidated view of tickets logged across the ITSM modules. iLink already has framework with built-in queries for building these reports as per your needs. iLink has incorporated into its framework the power of Business Objects and SQL Server reporting Services to provide consolidated reporting across ITSM modules. A few examples of our out of the box reports:

Customer Satisfaction report:

iLink can help you consolidate the customer satisfaction survey reports across all ITSM modules, and display scores around Timeliness, Satisfaction, Knowledge and Courtesy.

Open Tickets by Days Active:

Report to show a consolidated view of Incidents, Work orders, Changes, Releases and shows time elapsed since they were created.

Ticket Effort:

Report to show consolidated view of the time taken to complete tickets and the effort spent on Change requests, Incidents and Work Orders.

Ticket Volume per operational Category:

Report to provide a consolidated view of details on tickets that were submitted in the specified date range and that are assigned to the specified groups .

Ticket Volume per submitter:

Report to show a consolidated view of Incidents, Change requests, Work orders, Releases submitted by users in the selected support groups during the specified date range.

Tickets resolved per Assignee:

Report to show how many tickets were resolved by each assignee on the selected groups and specified closure date range.

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