iLink specializes in offering Application Development, Handheld solutions, Marcom Solutions and other custom solutions in the Semiconductor, Embedded and Mobility space. With proven expertise and sound understanding of technology, iLink is well poised to deliver mission critical applications.





  • Providing embedded solutions for various markets
  • Development of applications that reside in the software layer and are hardware-independent
  • Development of customized solutions and software on various RTOS
  • Experience with various real-time operating systems and protocols
  • End to end marcom services and web marketing


Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Give your employees the power to perform and exceed expectations while mobile: help your customers, respond quickly to problems, speed sales cycles and stay upto date with the rapidly changing world. Learn More >>

Custom Applications for Reference H/W

Enhance your reference designs and showcase the power and flexibility of your micro-processors and SoC's with customized and highly interactive applications. Learn More >>


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  • Flash Lite® - Adobe Flash Lite is the runtime environment, based on the Adobe Flash platform designed specifically for mobile phones and consumer devices. Flash Lite allows developers and vendors to deliver highly customized applications and user interfaces and access rich content across various devices, thereby providing a fuller and complete experience.
  • Silverlight for Mobile - Microsoft Silverlight for Mobile is the runtime environment which integrates with Microsoft Servers, Designer and Developer tools to deliver rich and highly interactive experiences across mobile devices. Silverlight for mobile enables developers to reuse their desktop code, design, content and skills and leverage the powerful .NET model for a complete and customized user experience.
  • Java ME (formerly J2ME) - The Java Platform, Micro Edition platform provides a flexible, robust and scalable runtime environment for applications on mobile and embedded devices such as cell phones, PDA's, etc. Java ME includes flexible user interfaces and robust security and is a truly open solution for developing mobile applications.
  • Cocoa/Carbon - Cocoa is Apple's native object-oriented application programming environment for the iPhone OS and consists of a suite of software libraries, a runtime and an integrated development environment.
  • Other - ASP .NET, .NET Nuke, ActionScript


  • Win CE - Microsoft's Windows CE is a true real-time OS for embedded devices and is a completely different OS and kernel as compared to desktop Windows. It is supported on various microprocessors such as the x86, MIPS, ARM, etc.
  • Windows Mobile - Microsoft's Windows Mobile is a compact OS which extends the familiarity of desktop Windows to mobile devices and allows developers and OEM's to build innovations applications for Windows Mobile powered devices. It is based on Win CE and supports the .NET Compact Framework.
  • iPhone - iPhone OS X is Apple's OS developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It provides an extremely simple, yet sophisticated user interface based on the concept of direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. The iPhone SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools to allow developers to build applications targeted for the iPhone.
  • Linux - Embedded Linux is a watered-down version of the Linux OS for embedded devices such as cell phones, PDA's, set-top boxes, etc. It is a true open-source platform and has been ported to various microprocessors such as x86, ARM, etc.
  • Other - Blackberry, Symbian, etc.


Windows Mobile


Why iLink


  • iLink has proven expertise in delivering enterprise mobility solutions using a variety of technologies such as Flash Lite, Silverlight, .Net Nuke, J2ME, ASP .NET, Cocoa/Carbon on multiple platforms such as Win CE, Windows Mobile, Linux, Blackberry and the iPhone.
  • iLink believes in your business and delivers proven ways to streamline your business and cut costs. We have helped large and small businesses achieve their maximum potential by providing customized technology solutions to meet their needs.
  • iLink had delivered numerous customized and feature-rich applications with a highly sophisticated and yet, easy-to-use user interface on a variety of reference design and development kits using Adobe's AIR and Microsoft's Silverlight environment.

What makes iLink unique?

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Preferred Vendor and Microsoft Competency Certification in Mobility Solutions area
  • Member of the Microsoft User Experience Advisory Board
  • Successfully delivered enterprise mobility solutions to a variety of clients from startups and Fortune 500 companies to the Federal Government.
  • Dual-shore model which reduces the time to implement in your business and provides cost effective solutions.
  • ISO 9001 certified with a focus on delivering quality.



Win CE, Windows Mobile, Linux, Blackberry & iPhone


Flash Lite, Silverlight, .NET Nuke, ASP .NET, J2ME, Cocoa/Carbon

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