Enterprise Mobility

Organizations have been using enterprise applications to improve productivity and efficiency for decades. These are mostly proprietary applications provided by IT organizations or enterprise software vendors and are used to solve complex business problems. Services provided by enterprise software are typically business oriented tools such as online shopping and online payment processing, automated billing, security, content management, CRM, ERP, business intelligence, HR Management, etc. These applications are fairly complex but robust and scalable and tend to complement an organization's line of business application.

Smartphones have been around for over 10 years but have gained popularity in the past 3-4 years. Organizations have been using smartphones to keep their employees connected at all times and improve collaboration and communication within an organization. Smartphones provide email and messaging capabilities which allow employees to be constantly connected around the clock and satisfy the constantly changing needs of their customers. These mobile applications translate extremely well for field technicians, salespeople and mobile executives who need constant access to business specific information on the go. With the advent of the iPhone, the touch screen interface has become extremely popular and several mobile vendors such as Research in Motion, HTC, Samsung, LG, Palm, etc. are following suit in announcing advanced smartphones with a full QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen UI. This has enabled enterprise software vendors to be more creative and flexible in designing enterprise applications for smartphones and we are beginning to see increasing number of CRM, ERP, billing, etc. applications for connecting mobile employees with line of business applications and systems necessary to improve sales, customer support, field compliance and issues, etc.

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