Master Data Management(MDM)

In today's data intensive environment, organization face uphill task of maintaining and managing enormous data, more specifically manage "unmanaged" data. Errors in master data across multiple sources/applications can negatively impact an enterprise significantly in terms of increased cost and missed business opportunities or dissatisfied customers. iLink’s MDM solution can help enterprises create a trusted single version of the truth . Our MDM offering also enables enterprises to implement processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently define and manage the critical data and thus reduce redundancies, across the applications which process the data. Thus, helping enterprises in reducing such costs and improving business growth.

Key Challenges and pain-points

  • Widespread Data redundancy.
  • Lack of Data ownership and stewardship.
  • Complex and inefficient process for users  to  access data .
  • Systems hardwired to access either legacy or the strategic systems.
  • Soaring data storage needs.
  • Cost Inefficiency resulting from too many people maintaining data manually, low asset utilization and high maintenance cost.
  • Lag time for updates across platforms creating quality and consistency issues.
  • No single complete version of enterprises data. Risk of further degradation of data quality over time.

iLink MDM Offerings

iLink's MDM solution is a two staged process:

  •  Data Architecture Assessment and Strategy:  As the first stage of the solution, iLink performs data assessment during which  iLink team interviews with Consumers of Data, and analyze multiple Databases/Schemas that are connected to organization wide applications. The key outcomes of this phase include:
    • Document the current state of application and data landscape.
    • Identify gaps in data management process using the DAMA DMBOK guidelines for data architecture assessment.
    • Identify pain points for data users and owners.
    • Assess suitability of Microsoft MDS and DQS to resolve client’s data management challenges.
  •  MDM implementation using MDS and DQS: During the second stage, iLink implements Master Data Management for key applications using Microsoft MDM, DQS.


iLink's Data Management solution and Governance provides the following benefits to organizations:

  • Help create a single version of enterprise data.
  • Improve data quality for mission critical processes and applications.
  • Plan, manage and maintain the enterprise data governance program.
  • Drive data ownership to the appropriate business roles.
  • Improve data accessibility and reduce cost of data storage and maintenance.

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iLink's Expertise

iLink data management expertise includes:

  • Enterprise Data Architecture Assessment.
  • Data Governance  and Stewardship Planning.
  • MDM Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Define implementation plan, cost of implementation and ROI analysis.
  • MDM Design and  Implementation.
  • Data Modelling.