Mobile Solutions for Insurance Industry:

Auto Insurance: Like every major business auto insurance companies face intense competitive pressure in their efforts to acquire and retain customers.

Customer's experiences working with their auto insurer, particularly in emergency situations such as accidents, significantly influence their decision to stay with the insurance provider or go to a competitor, as well as their likelihood of giving a positive review to friends and family and ratings websites.

With the rapid growth of mobile internet use in recent years insurance companies are turning to mobile technology to provide superior customer care. Auto insurance companies are providing customers with mobile applications that allow them to obtain the services they need anywhere, anytime, especially in crises such as accidents or breakdowns. Soon tech-savvy consumers will expect to find mobile applications for all competitively positioned insurance providers in mobile application market places such as Apple’s iTunes App Store, the Android Market, and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

iLink’s Mobile Applications for Auto Insurance Companies: iLink develops customized mobile apps for auto insurance providers that help them stay connected to their customers. Our mobile applications provide compelling user experience using latest technologies and incorporate multiple functions, including:

Bill Pay & Insurance ID Card: Policy holders can pay their bill and access their insurance ID card from their smartphone.

Accident Helper: From the scene of an accident policy holders can connect with emergency services, take and organize photos, and record and report accident details directly to their insurer. A phone call with a claims representative can also be initiated.

Roadside Service: Policy holders can locate the nearest tow services and gas stations anywhere, anytime, using their phone's GPS or by entering a location manually.

Taxi/Rental Car: Policy holders can locate a taxi or find a rental car location nearby.

Self help: Policy holders can receive step-by-step instructions about how to jump start a vehicle, change a flat tire, or check tire pressure, whenever and wherever they need it.

While contributing to customer satisfaction, mobile applications also reduce costs by reducing the work load of claims processing personnel.


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