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The publishing and newspaper industry faces many challenges including declining paper subscriptions, and the proliferation of news aggregators on the Internet. The newspaper industry is turning to electronic distribution via a combination of paid subscription and advertising, including mobile news readers, as a means to transform their business to meet customer demand for content anytime, anywhere.

With mobile access people can feed their need for information 24x7 from wherever they happen to be. As such it's no surprise that smartphones -- which Gartner predicts by 2013 will overtake PCs as the most popular way to access the web -- are quite frequently used to access news and periodicals. Publishers can capture the loyalty of mobile news consumers - and avoid being replaced by mobile-friendly competitors - by investing in the right mobile publishing solutions.

Key decision points to consider include:

  • Choosing between an all-purpose web site, a mobile web site, or a mobile application
  • Relying on generic newsreader applications versus building a branded applications.

Mobile applications offer the best newsreading user experience, even better than mobile web sites, because they are designed to present articles in a way that makes the best use of each smartphone's screen size and shape, and the most convenient user input options (such as touch-screen buttons).

iLink’s Mobile Publishing Applications: While more expensive to develop than web applications, iLink can relatively inexpensively customize a newsreader application for one platform, for example, iPhone, then adapt it for use on other platforms, for example, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. Mobile applications also offer caching for offline access which enables users to download and read articles while out of reach of the internet.

iLink’s Mobile Publishing Applications

iLink's Mobile Publishing Framework: Mobile Publishing Framework is a platform that allows publishing companies to easily develop custom mobile news reader applications themselves, while significantly reducing the resources required to develop and manage mobile retail applications. These mobile news reader applications will enable users to enjoy customized news reading on their Windows Phone phone. These applications bring the latest news directly to the phone by subscribing articles through feeds from news service.

Although generic mobile news reader applications are available, mobile applications branded by the publisher themselves are superior to third-party applications in a number of respects. By offering a branded mobile application a publisher can: control the way that their brand is presented; run cross promotions between publications or online/offline editions, or other special offers; and, control revenue streams including advertising, download fees, and subscription fees (if any). Reader loyalty is improved as well by giving users an opportunity to deal directly with the publisher of their choice and filter out information from the third party application providers and their partners - many of whom are competing for readers' limited time and attention. And mobile applications published through mobile application stores such as those provided by Apple, Microsoft, and Android can be discovered and downloaded by anyone with an internet connection.

Benefits of mobile retail applications developed by iLink

iLink's fully customizable mobile news reader framework also includes the following features:

  • Client application.
    • Provides a compelling user experience.
    • Smooth navigation - designed to take advantage of multi-touch and accelerometer functionality.
  • Easy access to "favorite" sections, and additional customization options.
  • Offline reading capability, storing recent news content directly on to the phone.
  • The ability to forward articles.
  • The ability to access and download news content through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.
  • Users can choose to refresh content automatically at a fixed frequency (such as every 15 minutes or 30 minutes)

iLink's mobile news reader framework provides the following business Value to Publisher’s:

  • Customized mobile applications developed without undertaking the full cycle of mobile app development from scratch.
  • 50% reduction in cost and time of developing applications.
  • Significantly reduce time to market.
  • Focus on customizations.

iLink's Brochure on Mobile Publishing Solutions:

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