Ticketing Predictive Analytics

Ticketing Predictive Analytics

Some of the challenges faced by Major Enterprises

  • Huge volumes of tickets created per month with 10-20% of those being repeat tickets. Leading to a longer Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) times.
  • Tremendous pressure to continuously improve customer service, experience and satisfaction, and address customer issues/queries/tickets in a timely and efficient manner, while reducing the operating cost.
  • Spending Millions of $ per month on repeat tickets, thus increasing the operational cost.
  • Troubleshooting requires manually looking into past ticket work-done logs and resulting in longer MTTR and hence, increased operational cost.

What we offer

iLink understands these challenges and offers Ticketing Predictive Analytics solution that helps you respond to customer issues/queries/tickets in a faster and efficient manner while reducing your operational cost and improving your customer experience.

iLink’s Ticketing Predictive Solution

  • Analyze the work-done log for the past tickets and predict the resolution for the incoming tickets and also provide a confidence level.
  • Enable service engineers to quickly review and accept/reject the prediction based on the predicted resolution and confidence level.
  • Analyze all the repeat tickets and identify the key factors.
  • Reduce the MTTR, Operational costs and increase the Zero-touch tickets.
  • Help guide automation based on analysis of work done logs of past tickets.

iLink’s Predictive Analytics solution contains three components.

Ticketing Predictions Model

The Ticketing Predictions Model is built using Azure Machine Learning, R & Natural Language Processing (Text analytics). The model is based on both the structured data (such as Problem Category, Problem Sub Category, etc) and unstructured ticket data (such as Problem Detail, Short Description). It includes data collection, pre-processing, feature selection, supervised learning, and predictive analytics (to predict the resolution for a ticket).

Ticketing Predictions Web App

The Ticketing Predictions web app is built using ASP.NET MVC, Web API, AngularJS with backend as Azure SQL Database. The web app can be used by end-users to simulate tickets (for demo purpose) and run the predictive analytics process for selected tickets. This would call the web service exposed by the Azure Machine Learning. Once the prediction process is complete, the application would display the predicted resolution of tickets with varying degrees of confidence levels allowing the user to select the tickets for which they want to accept / reject the prediction offered by the Predictive Analytics process. The web application would also show the key features that are used in the prediction process for each ticket.

Ticketing Predictions Dashboard

The Ticketing Predictions Dashboard is built using Power BI. The dashboard provides various ticket prediction related metrics like Accuracy, Prediction %, Cost Savings, Zero Touch Tickets, etc. The dashboard has a map and several rich interactive visuals to look at the ticket prediction metrics from different perspectives like Region, State, City, Problem Severity, Problem Category, Ticket Date, Keywords, etc. The end user shall be able to further customize/filter the dashboard by altering the various ticket parameters. Q & A is also enabled for the dashboard so that the users can query the data using natural language and get the data insights.

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  • Quicker dispatch
  • Resolution Automation
  • Reduce MTR and SLAs
  • Reduce ticket volumes and operational cost


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