Modern UI

What is Modern UI?

Modern UI is the name of the new design language originally created for Windows Phone and then extended to Zune, Xbox and now included in Windows 10. Modern UI Design is based on the signs you see while traveling. The Modern UI design language was designed specifically to consolidate groups of common tasks to speed up usage. This is accomplished by excluding superfluous graphics and instead relying on the actual content to also function as the main UI. The resulting interfaces favor larger hubs over smaller buttons and often feature laterally scrolling canvases. Page titles are usually large and consequently also take advantage of lateral scrolling.

Animation plays a large part, with transitions, and user interactions such as presses or swipes recommended to always be acknowledged by some form of natural animation or motion. This is intended to give the user the impression that the UI is "alive" and responsive, with "an added sense of depth.

Modern Health app    

The Modern UI design experience contains the following design principles:

  • Clean, Light, Open, Fast
  • Feels Fast and Responsive
  • Focus on Primary Tasks
  • Do a Lot with Very Little
  • Fierce Reduction of Unnecessary Elements
  • Delightful Use of Whitespace
  • Full Bleed Canvas
  • Type is Beautiful, Not Just Legible
  • Clear, Straightforward Information Design
  • Uncompromising Sensitivity to Weight, Balance and Scale

Modern UI in Windows 10:

The Modern UI style interface in Windows 10 is a personalized layout with clean typography and animations to make interacting a pleasure. The new interface is built for touch. With touch, you can do what you want to do quickly and naturally. Modern UI style apps built for Windows 10 are beautiful, intuitive, and the focal point of your experience. They're immersive, filling the entire screen so there are no distractions. Apps can adapt to a variety of form factors and screen resolutions, such as thin slates or large monitors, and can work on x86, x64, and ARM platforms. Apps work together, making it easy to search, share, and send content between them. When you're connected to the Internet your apps come alive and show you the latest content keeping you up to date at a glance. Windows 10 help you build important apps you need for your daily life, including a touch browser.

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Key Modern UI Features:

  • Modern UI Forms and Dialogs
  • Application Menus with Backstage and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Unlimited color themes
  • Modern UI Toolbar control
  • Modern UI status bar control
  • Sliding panel control
  • Modern UI color scheme for all DotNetBar controls