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iLink Systems and SQL Server Solutions:

Since 2002, iLink Systems has a long history of providing a variety of SQL Server solutions support to our clients. We can provide teams of experienced Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) and Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professionals (MCITP) with deep understanding of all aspects of SQL Server.

They have successfully helped hundreds of businesses create business intelligence, online transactional, and data warehousing solutions, perform SQL Server migration, as well as optimize database systems' performance and leverage SQL Server database system investments.

SQL Server Solution Offerings:

From setup, management, reporting to performance tuning of your SQL servers, our top-notch team of professionals can help you from beginning to end. We offer turn-key SQL consulting services to ensure that your SQL Servers are running at peak performance levels at all times. Our services include:

  • SQL Server Installation or Upgrade
  • Data Integration Services
  • Architecture Consulting & Capacity Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Tuning
  • Best Practices Audit & Deployment

SQL Server New Install or Upgrade:

If SQL Server is not a core competency in your organization, it makes sense to have an iLink Systems SQL Server consultant help you with a with your SQL Server solution. We can quickly create a properly configured, secure updated SQL Server environment for you fast. Or if your current SQL Server database has become too slow, unstable or difficult to use and performance tuning is not an option, you may want to consider going to a newer version of SQL Server. Either way iLink Systems can make sure you get started right.

BI and Data Warehouse:

iLink Systems offers an end-to-end Business Intelligence Solution delivery. We can help you with everything from Business Intelligence dashboards and scorecards for executives, departments and groups to assessment of your data warehousing needs, selection of self-service business intelligence (BI) technologies, and BI migrations and upgrades. 

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Performance Tuning:

Don't wait until your application is complete to think about performance. We suggest designing high performance into the application from day one. But if you are finding performance problems late in the development cycle or after release, we can help with that too. We work with our customers to create high performance databases because of our ability to write fast, scalable TSQL code. We can also bring your development team up to speed with training and other kinds of support.

Architecture Consulting & Capacity Planning:

Through the years of providing SQL Server solutions to our clients, we have architected, designed, implemented, maintained, and extended a wide range of SQL Server solutions. This includes everything from data modeling to tuning, scaling, availability and clustering of the servers. If you need help with a new project, want a new architecture validated, or are looking for ways to better maintain or extend your existing solutions, we can help you save headaches and avoid common pitfalls and problems.

A part of our architecture consulting including a capacity planning overview. Without proper capacity planning, you can end up paying much more for hardware and infrastructure than you might have to otherwise. This can be addressed by focusing on capacity planning before rolling out new solutions. In a short amount of time we can use industry best practices and tools that will correctly provision hardware and avoid costly outages and upgrades or performance tuning.

Best Practices Audit and Deployment:

Best Practices Audit and Deployment services brings it all together. We audit your SQL Server architecture. We identify which aspects of your SQL Server need help and provide you with the guidance and understanding needed to remedy those problems against your own, unique, environment and business needs. We will address common configuration and maintenance tasks like backups, index and statistics maintenance, as well as fundamental alerts and monitoring.

Then we will produce a report and a road map so that provides clear, concise, information that's tailored to your solution that will address any potential concerns or shortcomings. The road map will provide a step-by-step update from your current SQL Server implementation using industry best practices taking into consideration security, manageability, performance, recoverability, and extensibility.

Last we will help you implement the recommendations and the roadmap and follow up to assure that you are satisfied with our services and your SQL Server solution is working up to spec. If you would like help with, SQL Server Installation, Upgrade, Integration or Migration, Performance Tuning and/or Architecture Consulting & Capacity Planning, please contact iLink Systems at info@ilink-systems.com for Proof of Concept Special Offer: Ask about $10K funds available from Microsoft and iLink Systems for Proof of Concept.

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