SharePoint Business Intelligence

Explore, Visualize and Control via SharePoint Business Intelligence

Business intelligence should empower all users with self-service capabilities through familiar tools and experiences.  BI should provide IT department the tools and capabilities they need to ensure that Self-Service BI can be easily managed. BI should help businesses maximize their business opportunities.

SharePoint Business Intelligence platform helps organizations capitalize on trends and opportunities and discover answers to new questions that help drive business value.  Immersive insights are provided to all users through self-service, data exploration and collaboration delivered through Office and SharePoint.  SharePoint BI platform relies on the Explore->Visualize->Control philosophy.

iLink's BI Frameworks leverage the SharePoint BI Platform and Azure's HDInsight to analyze datasets, discover trends and provide Dashboards for Sales, HR, industries like O&G, Healthcare, Telco, Retail, Financial Services etc. on KPAs and KPIs integrated with Social Scoring based on Social Sentiment Analytics.

Explore - Easily combine data from any source to create fully interactive reports and insights with guided exploration

  • Ability to Combine and analyze large datasets.  Model Analytical Requirements from various data sources (could be on-premise or on cloud).  Define relationships, hierarchies and KPIs.
  • Ability to Summarize data and discover trends based on timelines
  • Ability to Instantly preview charts and pivot tables

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Visualize - Visually discover and share insights for collaborative decision making across the organization

  • Perform interactive data exploration.  Visualize insights with interactive charts and fine tune reports with chart and view filters.
  • Share reports with your colleagues over the web and mobile platforms.
  • Work together to make decisions on dashboards through searches for report and expertise and preview reports for quick reference.

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Control - Manage self-service BI with control & compliance for end user created assets

  • Consolidate and simplify management.  Manage and protect the data and content that end users are creating.
  • Manage asset integrity and compliance.  Simplify compliance without hampering user agility and creativity.

SharePoint Business Intelligence


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SharePoint Business Intelligence

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Following are the business benefits of implementing iLink’s Business Intelligence Frameworks:

  • Exploring insights in data - Business users are tasked with finding answers to business problems that require analyzing data and transforming it into insights.
  • Collaborative decision making - Sharing insights with fellow colleagues to allow timely decision making. This is very critical in today’s fast moving industry
  • Managed Self-Service - Enablement of Managed Self Service BI to securely manage and control BI services, reports and dashboards in a centralized environment.

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