iLink Systems, one of the very few Launch Partners for Windows 8, has been delivering innovative solutions on Windows 8 platform for Web, Mobile and Slate since pre-beta days. Being a Microsoft National System Integrator Partner, iLink works very closely with Microsoft’s Windows 8 team right from evangelizing Windows 8, HTML5, Modern UI Style to developing industry-specific and horizontal solutions on these platforms. As Windows 8 utilizes HTML5 and Modern UI style in ways never seen before in technology, iLink has already strengthened its innovation team on Windows 8, Modern UI and HTML5 through several trainings and workshops, and is well positioned to address the market demand on Windows 8. We at iLink offer end- to- end Windows 8 application development service right from technical consultation, designing, development, deployment and training.

We follow the best industry practices to develop Windows 8 applications. We plan for every feature in your app, and the same is true for performance. Planning for performance consists of determining what your performance-critical scenarios will be, defining what good performance means, and measuring early enough in the development process to ensure that you can be confident in your ability to hit your goals. We take care of all aspects around User experience, and also the other metricss that don’t have direct impact on UX like memory consumption, battery consumption and ability to run low-power devices. Some of the relevant concepts that we have implemented for our clients include.

  • Windows 8 store Apps "UI"
  • Live tiles
  • Multi device (& form factors) support
  • Offline access
  • SharePoint & office integration
  • Lync/Skype integration
  • Camera integration (& media sharing)
  • RSS feed
  • Snap/fill view
  • GIS support
  • Search
  • Cloud integration (Skydrive, Azure, HealthVault)

Live tiles: Windows 8 live tiles are interactive apps that use the internet to bring live updates to users of Windows 8. Live tiles sit on the Windows 8 start screen, and are useful for having instantaneous information on constantly changing data like international weather, sports, stock indexes, as well as local and international news. Live tiles replace the need to visit certain websites that contain this information, something that many PC/Slate/mobile users do on a daily basis. Live tiles also replace the need to launch any of the apps that provide this information; live tiles provide you with short, immediate updates without having to leave your start screen.

Cloud connected: With Windows 8, your entire PC/slate/mobile is cloud-connected. You'll have new Microsoft Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive, Photos, People, and Messaging apps that are connected to services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter just by adding them to your Microsoft account. With SkyDrive, you don't need to worry about being able to access your documents and photos on other PCs because when they're in SkyDrive, you can access them from any device with an Internet connection.

Windows store: Windows 8 and the Windows Store make it simple for millions of customers to find, try, and buy high-quality, certified apps from practically anywhere in the world. The Windows Store makes it easy for you to distribute, update, and get paid for your apps.

Multi-device support: Windows 8 is designed to deliver a great experience across many different devices, from ultra-fast desktops to low-power tablets. Because Windows 8 can run on low-power CPUs, you can work much longer on a single charge. That means you can stay connected so your PC is ready when you are. Battery life is longer and connections are stronger so you'll be able to find a device to suit you for work or play.

Search: Search is by no means a new feature for Windows, but the search bar in Windows 8 is a powerful improvement on previous generations.

Snap: Windows 8's snap-to feature allows you to multitask Modern UI apps, so you won't be stuck with just one Modern UI app at a time. With the snap-to feature, you can snap together multiple Modern UI apps onto the screen, or you can snap Modern UI apps to your classic desktop applications, giving you the best of both UIs.

Lync/Skype integration: Microsoft has recently released the Lync client application for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The interface is tailored to Modern UI and provides fast, natural, hands-on control of communications across the entire range of Windows 8 devices and architectures.

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