Windows 10 Education

Windows 10, the next generation operating system from Microsoft, helps Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions improve their educational outcomes and bring learning to life for students by delivering uniform learning experience across all devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops. Windows 10 provides several innovative features that help both students and educators consume and upload content, share, connect and collaborate, and even create presentations from anywhere using any device. Designed for touch, mouse, and keyboard, Windows 10 lets students and educators interact with their device in ways never experienced before, and help them share and interact even when outside the classroom. As a specialized Windows 10 developer, iLink’s Windows 10 solutions for educational institutions include teaching and eLearning, analytics and business management, research management and custom education apps.

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Some of our Windows 10 Solutions for Education sector

Windows 10 Education Apps for Students - Apps to help students organize their study, get notified of classes, tasks, exams, store information about classes, assignments, exams, revision, track task progress and upcoming exams, and get carrier guidance.

Windows 10 Apps for Educational institutions - Apps to provide information about courses, professors, facilities, classes, resource, staff, events, access to videos, materials, notes and more.

Windows 10 ebook readers - Apps to provide generic content and ebook reading.

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