Health and Life Sciences

Today’s Health and Life Sciences Industry, regardless of being a provider, payer or life sciences organization, is always under constant pressure to improve productivity, efficiency and overcome challenges like rising labor costs, shrinking operational budget, drop in reimbursements, increasing regulatory complexities and more. More than ever, the success of the industry is determined by the productivity of their people and ability of their staff to work together as high performance teams to improve quality, safety, speed and outcomes of care at lower cost.

Windows 10, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft, is precisely designed to address these challenges and improve productivity, collaboration, privacy, security, and compliance demands of the health & life sciences industry. Windows 10 apps are designed to run across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and Windows Phone 8 handsets, thus enabling health & life sciences professionals consume, create content and collaborate with team members on the move and under a multitude of environments, giving them a stable, secure and consistent experience across all the devices. Since computing necessitates security as a top priority, Windows 10 has additional security features and works smoothly with Exchange, SharePoint, Windows Server. Windows 10 also supports Microsoft Lync messaging, thus enabling medical professionals to send instant and secure IM messages.

As a Windows 10 Go-to-Partner, iLink provides custom Windows 10 based solutions and frameworks for health & life sciences organizations on variety of areas including Big Data, Patient Engagement, Portals, Clinical Integration and more.

Health Care App     


Patient Engagement - An interactive medium for Patients and Health & Life Sciences organizations to improve health outcomes, consolidate health information of the patient, and cut healthcare costs. It is an Interoperable Solution Accelerator that allows Health and Life Sciences organizations to directly engage members in health-related decision-making, promote clinical trials, while enabling seamless information exchange among different health services. Click here view and download the app http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-in/app/patient-engagement/2ce330ed-46a0-4de8-b65e-214ade33930f.

BI - iLink’s BI framework empowers Health and Life Sciences organizations with key data to make faster and more informed decisions on-the-go by enabling real-time data analytics.

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