Windows 10 Insurance

Insurance companies are always under pressure to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, meet regulatory demands, improve customer experience and drive profitability by attracting and retaining customers. Windows 10, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft designed to provide a single, connected experience across all the devices people use in the modern connected world, enables Insurance companies to provide their customers a consistent and never-before-seen user experience across all the devices, to provide them an easy way to interact with the organization; 24/7 access to their account; and help them access the info, file claims and do transactions on-the-go. As a specialized Windows 10 Application developer, iLink provides Insurance carriers and agencies with Windows 10 solutions around Insurance process, claims servicing, policy administration, advisory services and regulatory compliance.

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Some of our offerings on Windows 10

Advisory Services Insurance - Solutions to increase efficiencies, improve agent and broker productivity, and provide real-time, cross-channel access to business intelligence, increase collaboration, and increase customer knowledge and service.

Business Intelligence - Solutions to empower insurance providers with key data to make faster and more informed decisions on-the-go by enabling real-time data analytics.

Claims Servicing – Solutions to improve claims workflow, existing processes, collaboration and communication across all of the people involved in the claims process for faster, more accurate, and more efficient claims servicing.

Documents & Records Compliance – Solutions to enable insurance companies simplify the management of records and documents in adherence with compliance requirements.

Risk Analytics & Reporting – Solutions to enable insurance organizations get real-time insight into business exposures, their potential impact on their line of business and approaches to mitigate risks.

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