Windows 10 Media and Cable

In today’s modern world, with the proliferation of smart devices, consumer demands are changing rapidly and there is increasing demand for compelling and consistent content experiences, and desire to be connected and entertained anywhere, anytime on any device. Media & Cable companies are challenged to adapt rapidly to these changing consumer demands, embrace new technologies and solutions to provide rich and uniform content experiences across multiple devices, to make the content and services available anytime, anywhere, and also to optimize their business operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. Windows 10, the most innovative operating system from Microsoft, empowers media and cable organizations meet the ever-growing demand for anytime, anywhere, and always on connections enabling real-time dynamic interaction between consumers and services across multiple devices. Windows 10 is designed to provide a stable, secure and consistent experience across multiple devices including PC, laptop, tablet and mobile, thus enabling media and cable organizations deliver engaging customer experiences by delivering content and services across different devices.

As a specialized Windows 10 Solution provider, iLink provides Windows 10 solutions around media business management, content experiences, business intelligence, digital content management and more.

Windows 8 Video Broadcasting Framework App 


Video Broadcasting Framework - A solution framework for Windows 10 and Windows Phone that implements streaming of videos online with smooth streaming, and progressive download to playback scenarios. It supports FCC compliant multi-lingual closed captioning, Linear & Non Linear ad formats, Video on Demand and Digital Video Recording.

Broadcast/Media BI Framework - A solution framework based on Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for media companies help to provide decision makers and working teams with the business insight they need to respond quickly to changes in audience demand and business needs.

TMForum - Compliant Live Video Monitoring - A cross-platform solution for monitoring live video streaming through Microsoft Azure Media Services using TMForum Simple Management APIs.

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