Windows 10 Power and Utilities

Power & Utilities industry is always under pressure to innovate, perform, transform, address the increasing operational requirements, improve productivity, reduce costs, respond to regulatory changes and offer excellent customer services. To gain significant momentum in innovation, power & utilities companies are constantly looking for technology solutions that will empower them across the entire utility value chain including power generation, transmission, distribution, customer sales and services, and regulatory compliance. iLink understands these requirements and helps power & utilities companies meet these challenges using Windows 10 solutions. Windows 10, one-size-fits-all operating system from Microsoft, is designed to provide a stable, secure and consistent experience across multiple devices including PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. As a specialized Windows 10 application developer, iLink provides Windows 10 solutions for power & utility organizations around process workflow, plant operations, services, assets, customer services and more. Our solutions help utility companies get insights into day-to-day operations through dashboards and charts, measure KPIs, visualize the entire plant operations using rich graphics, compelling map views and respond to critical alarms in a timely manner. Our windows 10 solutions for utility customers help them manage their energy contracts, analyze energy consumption, submit their own electricity and gas readings, and outages etc.

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Utilities & Power BI framework - Utilities & Power BI empowers the Utilities & Power companies with key data to make faster and more informed decisions on-the-go by enabling real-time data analytics.

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