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A year ago, Microsoft “reimagined” the look and feel of windows and released Windows 8 as the successor to Windows 7 and answered the growing interest of the public in tablets and All-in-One desktops. Windows 8 garnered a huge attention among the techies and business communities since the announcement of beta version and boasted advanced features and capabilities with a completely redesigned operating system that was developed from the ground up featuring touchscreen capabilities as well as near-instant-on capabilities. Windows 8 showed a mind blowing interactive UI and had been extensively redesigned to a "Modern UI-style" design, conveyed the most important information, embodied simplicity, and gave you full UI control. The UI was designed to provide a fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with touch, mouse or a keyboard.

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Now, Microsoft has released Windows 8.1, the upgraded version of Windows 8, that advances the concept of Windows 8 and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities which will be offering customers the best and most powerful operating system designed for today’s modern business. Windows 8.1 is powered by cloud and this new version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 includes security enhancements, management tools and new features like Lock screen slideshow, The evolved Start screen, Different tile sizes, Aggregated search, Enhanced apps, More snap views, An enhanced Windows Store, Save direct to SkyDrive, Offline files and also a new Internet Explorer.

iLink, the winner of the 2013 Microsoft Windows 8 Growth Partner of the Year, has been helping customers develop innovative Windows 8 Apps be it consumer apps, Business-to-Business apps, LOB apps or other custom apps. iLink has delivered over 100 windows 8 apps across the globe and boasts several Windows 8/8.1 frameworks (both horizontal and industry-specific) that can be readily customized to meet your business challenges with minimal time and effort. iLink’s Windows 8/8.1 frameworks are pre-built solutions and code libraries that incorporate well defined business processes and industry standards designed to accelerate your Windows 8/8.1 projects and reduce cost.

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The Modern UI style interface in Windows 8 is a personalized layout with clean typography and animations to make interacting a pleasure. The new interface is built for touch. With touch, you can do what you want to do quickly and naturally. Modern UI style apps built for Windows 8 are beautiful, intuitive, and the focal point of your experience. They're immersive, filling the entire screen so there are no distractions. Apps can adapt to a variety of form factors and screen resolutions, such as thin slates or large monitors, and can work on x86, x64, and ARM platforms. Apps work together, making it easy to search, share, and send content between them. When you're connected to the Internet your apps come alive and show you the latest content keeping you up to date at a glance. Windows 8 help you build important apps you need for your daily life, including a touch browser.


Microsoft's Windows 8 utilizes HTML5 in ways never before seen in technology. HTML5 promises to be one of the most important changes in the architecture of the Internet for the next ten years and will impact nearly every company and technology around the globe. Companies like Microsoft and Google are pouring effort into promoting HTML5 as a standard because of the potential it shows for application development never before seen on the web. From desktop applications, to the web, and onto mobility HTML5 will change the way we develop applications for users, drastically save money, and create new models of interaction for years to come.

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iLink Systems

iLink Systems - Windows 8 application development company

Having extensive experience with Microsoft Development Platforms as well being a Managed Partner, iLink has a long history of working with Microsoft on several products from pre-beta stage.

As one of the early adopter of Windows 8, iLink boasts several Windows 8 applications for Web, Desktop, Mobile and Slate for some of its elite clients, and have several Windows 8 projects in pipeline.

iLink undergoes rigorous trainings, workshops on Windows 8 and well equipped to address the market demand on Windows 8.

iLink is leveraging resources trained in the critical competencies of HTML5 to help your organization understand and act on the benefits of HTML5.

iLink systems’s Situational Awareness Framework has been recognized by best windows 8 and certified as "100% CLEAN" and found to be completely clean of viruses/spyware components . iLink’s bug free Situational Awareness Framework delivers the flawless platform and brings a realistic view on typical operational representation thru unified communications.

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