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Windows Phone apps reviews:
iLink, a Windows Phone Launch Partner and the winner of 2011 Mobility Partner of the Year Award, offers Mobile Application Development, Mobile strategy Consulting and Mobile Application Marketing to businesses ranging from Startups to Fortune 50. iLink has developed over 25 Windows Phone applications in various industries including Social Networking, Online Search, eCommerce, Music and Video, Finance, Consumer Web, Hospitality & Casino. Some of these applications are already in the market place and some were even highlighted at the Keynotes. iLink’s Windows Phone applications were well received by the market and had rave reviews. To highlight few
Reviews on Yelp application:  
Here we have the Yelp application for Windows Phone 7. From the main page, you can search by entering a specific term or business name, or you can select one of the general categories. For more information visit
The popular location-based review application lets you find and voice your opinion on local restaurants, shops, bars, and more from your Windows Phone handset. Unfortunately, the app does not integrate into your Yelp account so you can not pull down personalized content like bookmarks and favorites or check-in to locations.
Reviews on Open Table application:  
Need to make restaurant reservations on the fly? That's no problem with the OpenTable app. On Windows Phone 7, you can search for places by your current location, a specific location, restaurant name, or recently viewed.
Once you've entered your details--date, time, number in party--OpenTable will present you with a list of what's available along with several time options, neighborhood, and cuisine type. You can then get more details by selecting an individual result and make reservations by entering your account information.
Reviews on Loopt application:  
The Windows Phone 7 Loopt app is distinctly different from any version we've ever made," Sam Altman, Loopt co-founder and chief executive, said in a statement. "Microsoft has created a smartphone experience that lets people get out of their phones and back to their lives. Loopt is all about using your phone as a tool to get out, find friends, and socialize, and with this phone, Microsoft has opened up a new window into that valuable, social information.,2817,2372407,00.asp


The social mapping program comes to Windows Phone and allows you to connect with your friends by sharing your location and status with friends. WIth Loopt, you can find your friends on a map and view their photo and status updates in real-time.
Reviews on Zillow application:  
If you’re in the US and in the market for a new home, there’s an app that can help you research and it’s accessible on several mobile platforms. Until now, the Zillow app has only been available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Fortunately, the developers decided to include Windows Phone users with their latest release. The app for Windows Mobile allows you to search for houses on a map and view their estimated values, detailed info (bed/bath/year built/property description), and photos.
Whether you’re looking to pack up and find a new place to live or simply curious about surrounding areas, Zillow provides an easy method to gather a wealth of info. Zillow is free and available on Windows Marketplace for Mobile.
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