Published on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mobility in Government – Windows 8 as a player

Mobility in Government – Windows 8 as a player

Mobility in Government – Windows 8 as a player

Effective IT applications and automation services are pivotal as Governments, both State & Local and Federal, work towards and lean structure through the e-Government campaigns and initiatives. As such one of the most critical and growing aspects in this industry is the power of being mobile! This is not news – it is an established fact! Having the ability to access applications and data at your fingertips, no time lost in responses, removing redundancy in work and documentation – all contribute towards a lean and highly efficient government.

While an enterprise application that enables effective collaboration and tracking of the tasks in a given domain is an absolute given, a good add on mobility tool that enables this collaboration and effectiveness in the field is arguably equally important for gained efficiencies and productivity.

Some such sample business cases include:


    Case Management for Justice, Healthcare, and other verticals where Mobile tools empower the workforce to be as effective (or more) in the field (ex: Courts) with all the wealth of case information available at their fingertips for real time access, when connected an equally effective Enterprise application as the backend.

    Incident Management: Police departments, Fire departments, Public services, Healthcare departments, and other innumerable agencies have needs on proper incident management. While having a great enterprise application to help with tracking and dispatch is absolutely critical, imagine the power that a complimentary phone application will bring to the table – field force can now get dispatch and incident information on the go, capture their investigation and findings and correspond back to the central repository among other critical features, gaining highly elevated efficiencies. More on Incident Management here.

    Situational Awareness: Disaster response, Emergency preparedness, Event Management, Military logistics, etc – all require a top notch enterprise application but absolutely require a field tool that not only helps bring a common operational picture but also enables unified communication & collaboration, and asset tracking.

    Auditing: Refer to this blog

Other sample use cases include areas like Corrections, Education, self service BI and on the go data analytics.

While there are different players in the mobility market, Windows 8, esp operating with the rest of the Microsoft stack, stands out from an offerings and efficiency perspective when compared to iOS, Android, Blackberry and other market shareholders.

Microsoft’s unique technology base fabric used in their core product lines such as SharePoint, Office, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, etc enable easy interoperability and integration with a consistent 

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