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iLink-Systems UX Overview

iLink-Systems UX Overview

iLink-Systems UX Overview

Today, the challenges of delivering successful UX to users are greater than ever before. Whether your user is on a PC, using a mobile device, or possibly even interacting through motion on the Kinnect, the User Experience you deliver requires tremendous forethought, insight, and dedicated execution to be successful. From designing how your product will interact, to how it will look, and what technology it will run, requires UX people that truly understand how to focus your product to meet the needs of your users.

The Challenge

The current design era is defined as "User Centric" meaning, users are no longer expected to learn and adapt to your product, rather, your product should be instantly intuitive, usable, and effective. From Google's stark "homepage" design, with nothing but a search box, to Apple's iPhone, which made mobile mainstream, users now expect to be able to meet their needs without a manual. Moreover, users also expect their experience with products, whether on the web or smart phone to be consistent and effective.

UX is at the heart of this challenge. Over the last 10 years, many companies defined UX as a "look and feel" issue, but it's now quickly become a science, and the core of many product development teams. Companies need a competent approach to delivering good user experience to customers and a UX team that can:

  •     Understand the users' needs and/or problems.
  •     Identify and design a streamlined user experience to meet the users' needs.
  •     Design an interface that is cutting-edge, intuitive, and engaging.
  •     Learn from the user and improve the experience

The Solution

Delivering on UX can be a daunting task for many companies but there are successful paths for companies to follow that help to ensure user experience success. At iLink-Systems, we have worked with 100's of clients to understand common challenges companies face, what motivates users to interact with products, and how to deliver a user experience consistent with a company's vision. Common principles of successful user experience include:

 Engage and excite your user

Technology has made it possible to deliver rich, engaging, and amazing experiences for users whether on the web, a smart phone, or a desktop application. Companies can now truly deliver on always creating exciting interfaces that engage the user with richer interaction

 Don't reinvent the wheel

Companies can learn a lot from what has already been done. Its important companies understand what kinds of interaction users are comfortable with in today's world and take advantage of that knowledge

Provide ROI for your user

Every time your user clicks something in your application, they should get a return on their investment of time in using your product. If a product's user interface is focused and positioned to solve a user's problem, then the user will feel the value of your product. At iLink-Systems, we focus a lot of our energy on making a product useful and effective

The iLink-Systems UX Advantage

iLink Systems team of UX professionals provides clients with a holistic understanding of what successful user experience requires. From Interaction Design (how a user will interact with your product to solve their goals) to Visual Design (the look and feel of your product) to the UX development (what technology you choose and how it behaves), the iLink Systems UX team has extensive knowledge in each domain. By utilizing a proven UX partner, companies can understand the challenges and goals of UX design and development and deliver an experience with the user at the center and create an experience that is both effective and cutting-edge

About Peter Denton, UX Manager of iLink-Systems

Peter Denton has been working in UX for the past 10 years on projects ranging from Enterprise-level collaboration to social-networking startups. He has experience in designing brand experience as well as developing user interfaces, working with companies such as Microsoft, GE, AT&T and many others

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