The evolution in device capabilities, new mediums, delivery technologies, and new ways of accessing and interacting with content are dramatically changing media consumption patterns. In turn, this is driving fundamental shifts in the way media businesses are creating, marketing, and delivering their products. Against this backdrop of rapidly changing business models, we deliver powerful, integrated, and relevant solutions that produce actionable insight for our customers. By providing strategic industry leadership, we enable you to envision the possibilities, accelerate service delivery, and transform to a cloud-first business.


Key pains and challenges

  • Revenue Growth Requirements: Increasing cost pressures are driving the need for greater operational efficiencies. Many media and cable companies are burdened with antiquated systems that make reusing and repurposing news and other content difficult and expensive. Content creators rely upon too many tools, each with its own interface, workflow training requirements, and content discovery method. These tools and systems are silos of information and arranged around delivery mediums as opposed to communities of creators or the content itself. These systems are old, not integrated or mobile, thereby making collaboration and utilization very difficult. Media and cable companies must enhance team coordination and communication including resource integration and workflow and task management.
  • The proliferation of mobile workers: Field-based workers and remote content creators are increasing in numbers and have greater requirements for productivity and collaboration regardless of location. Media and cable companies need to invest and support these functions while also ensuring security across any device.
  • More demanding and sophisticated consumers: Consumers want digital and more personalized content. This drives the need for media and cable companies to provide more services and enable story-centric content life cycles for multi-platform delivery.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection: Media and cable companies must ensure proper management of their intellectual property portfolios. This is essential to the protection and monetization of their core content assets, helping create new revenue streams and, therefore, future growth. Media companies are under pressure to increase sales and licensing of IP rights, which require investment in richer business analytics tools to enable improved decision-making.

Solution scenarios in the Media & Cable Sector

Employee engagement

Providing your mobile employees with access to productivity tools and customer and product information from the guest property can help them to engage more effectively. With employee engagement solution from iLink Systems, you can empower your staff to do their best work and spend the maximum amount of time driving revenue, improving customer service, and remaining compliant with corporate policies and procedures.

Related customer challenges

  • Digital shoppers
  • Sales growth
  • Agility
  • Employee productivity

Microsoft Technologies

  • Office
  • Yammer
  • Windows devices
  • SQL Server

Business insights

Offer the most comprehensive data platform to help media & cable customers realize the value of their data dividend by combining diverse data streams, using new data analytics tools, delivering data insights to more people within the organization, and improving the speed of data processing and timeliness of access to data. With unmatched breadth across the enterprise from IT to the office worker, iLink Systems has the right solutions to make big data actionable for organizations and deliver the broadest benefits across an organization with data insights.

Related customer challenges

  • Gaining customer insights
  • Changing business models
  • Providing personal experiences

Microsoft Technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Office
  • Intelligent Systems Services
  • Microsoft data platform

Dashboard with advertising and audience analytics

Make better decisions with today’s data, delivering tactical, operational, and strategic insights to everyone. We offer the most complete and scalable portfolio of storage capabilities for structured, unstructured, and streaming data both on-premises and in the cloud. Customers can unleash new value through connecting to data, services, and people outside their organizations, and deliver new insights for all users through familiar tools.

Related customer challenges
  • Volume and variety
Supporting products      
  • Excel/PowerBI
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server

Productivity through Office 365

Office 365 enables productivity on demand through mobile, social, and collaborative work experiences. Your employees gain familiar, intuitive enterprise-class tools that work anywhere they work – on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. And with Office 365 cloud-based services, you’ll save time managing IT while your employees quickly deliver on your business goals.

Office 365 can help your Staff manage operational tasks and HR processes online to improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

Impact your business with Office 365 & Yammer

Staff Enablement

  • Empower associates to interact socially and provide bottom-up feedback to share with coworkers, management and corporate (Ask the expert social groups, service tips, guest feedback, new service ideas…)
  • Bring your intranet to life and empower employees to easily find content   (company news, executive blogs, training content…)
  • Send and receive emails from company-sponsored employee mailboxes from work/home/mobile

Operational Efficiencies

  • Submit online forms and track compliance to HR tasks (HR forms, uniforms orders, time-off requests…)
  • View and manage schedules from work/home/mobile device
  • View employee information from virtually anywhere   (new hire packets, HR/benefits docs, pay slips…)
  • Discover self-service training content (new hires, HR policies, safety/emergency procedures…)
  • Communicate with all employees via low-cost company email, ensuring receipt (weather alerts, HR communications…)

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  • SriramGanapathySriram Ganapathy
    Strategist – Cloud Solutions at Microsoft


    Sriram Ganapathy is a Technical Specialist with Microsoft. He has been with Microsoft for 17+ years and has held a variety of roles including solution sales, technical and partner sales, services, support and consulting. During his tenure at Microsoft, his focus has been on the Microsoft Data platform technologies. Sriram is based in Dallas and is focused on providing technology and solution guidance to customers in the US central region in SQL Server, Azure, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and related technologies. 

  • 4242c2728ednthumbabhi_vantaram

    Abhi Vantaram
    Director, iLink Systems

    Abhi has over ten years of experience working on an array of strategic planning, technology assessment, internet infrastructure, software architecture, development and implementation projects. He has over 6 years of experience in working on Environmental applications including Compliance, EMS, Sustainability, Haz Waste, Haz Mat, Conservation, NEPA, etc. He has worked with several fortune 500 clients, startups and product companies, as well as Federal, State & Local, Global Government. He has managed large teams, developed and delivered multiple enterprise solutions. He is well versed and has experience working with both Java/Oracle and Microsoft based technologies.

  • manigandan-gopalakrishnan

    Manigandan Gopalakrishnan
    Director NE Region, iLink Systems


    Mani has over 20 years of IT experience that spans Solution and Services Sales experience across various verticals such as Financial Services, Communications, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, CPG etc. He has worked with iLink for over 6 years, is based out of NJ and currently heads the NE Region Practice for iLink managing Sales and Business Development for NE, Mid Atlantic and some states in North Central, Mid-West and Heartland Districts.

  • ambujbigAmbuj Parihar
    Director – Central region, iLink Systems


    Mr. Parihar, with over 15 years of experience, has overall responsibility for the strategy and business development, including sales and marketing, of the Central region. Mr. Parihar holds a Master degree in Wireless Communication from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.


  • leadership-page-piyushprakash Piyush Prakash
    VP – Business Operations & Innovation, iLink Systems

    Piyush is a performance driven technology leader with 16 years of experience in IT, and has overall delivery responsibility for all projects at iLink. He is intrigued by the ways in which technology binds us all, and touches our life (and business) on a daily basis. He enjoys discovering and simplifying the true value, often veiled behind the seemingly complex technology landscape of today. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, startups and ISVs to delivery large scale enterprise solutions as well as innovation driven R&D engagements. Personally responsible for iLink’s TCG (Technology Consulting Group) team, he relishes the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies, including delivery of various frameworks and accelerators.

    Prior to iLink, he has served in key positions in Infosys Technologies and TATA Interactive Systems. He holds a Bachelors of Technology degree from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, and Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

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