iLink Systems, a socially conscious company, is strongly committed towards social wellness and improving the quality of life of people in the communities around which we operate. We believe that giving back to the community around us is an important part of who we are and what we do. With a view to upholding the principles of corporate social responsibility, we have been actively associated with several charity organizations and local philanthropist organizations in Trichy to promote not just better education for the under-privileged children but also enabling them to live with dignity and respect.

Kayampatti village:

To make a long term and sustainable impact, iLink has associated with a village named Kayamapatti, Pudhukkottai district, about 12kms south of iLink’s Trichy ODC. For the past 4 years, iLink’s Trichy division has been celebrating its Annual Day events and activities with the children and villagers of Kayampatti, and participating in a string of CSR-oriented activities including:

    • Conducting Eye care camps for the old and the aged.
    • Providing access to safe drinking water through installation of modern water treatment based water filters
    • Providing saplings to hundreds of households and educating them on the process of producing manure from compost and making them aware of the value of vermicomposting
    • Spreading awareness on the safe and environmental-friendly disposal of plastic waste and helping them clean up the weeds in their neighborhoods.
    • Conducting a series of fun, cultural and sports activities for school kids
    • Donating computers, notebooks, stationary materials, school uniforms and school bags to the local community school.

It has always been our passion to encourage and support our employees to contribute their time and energy towards elevating the living standards of both the school kids and the broader community in the village.

Charity organizations:

iLink has also been making generous donations to independent, non-profit charitable organizations like the Spastics Society, SEVABHARATHI TAMILNADU, Sarvodaya Children’s Home and Friends of Children Trust that work to help differently abled and needy children realize their full potential through Education, Training and Employment.