Microsoft Partner


The world's #1 software company develops and sells a variety of products used by consumers and businesses. Its core products are the ubiquitous Windows PC operating system and the Office business productivity application suite that is sold in part through PC makers such as Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Toshiba, who pre-install the software on their devices. Microsoft also sells directly online and through resellers. It also makes video game consoles (Xbox), enterprise applications (Microsoft Dynamics), server and storage software, and digital music players (Zune). Other activities include online advertising, mobile software, consulting, and support services.


Fiind helps businesses find their customers efficiently using machine learning – by enabling marketers and sellers tune into signals that customers send prior to buying. Fiind’s library of over 100 million signals serves as a Customer GPS with answers to questions such as who is likely to buy (and what and why).

Plateau Software

Plateau Software provides solutions that streamline business processes and produce substantial Return on Investment to end-users. Plateau's applications focus on audit and compliance management, operations refinement, and cost avoidance/reduction. Plateau currently has a suite of applications designed for Environmental Compliance, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and Health & Safety activities. Additional versions for other business needs, and industry specific designs are currently in development. All products provided by Plateau Software can be customized to meet specific needs expressed by our current and prospective customers. Plateau Software’s Compliance Solution Suite supports all current regulatory driven activities customized to each locale, and also customizable to your specific business practices. These Solutions provide a complete set of prepackaged and customized environmental management, audit controls and procedures for commercial businesses, municipal, provincial, state, and federal government agencies.

Meridian Systems

Meridian Systems, a Trimble Company, is the Plan-Build-Operate technology solutions leader for project-based organizations. Building owners, construction and engineering firms, and public agencies use Meridian software to effectively manage capital building programs and facility assets. Meridian offers construction project management and infrastructure lifecycle management solutions that reduce project costs and schedules across the plan-build-operate project lifecycle.

Grey Matter:

Founded in 1983, Grey Matter brings the brains, its clients bring their wallets. The company consults with IT professionals, analysts, and others on technical software for given applications. Grey Matter then supplies its customers with the software; it represents more than 2,000 software publishers including Adobe, Microsoft, Red Hat, Symantec, and VMware. Customers have included Solartron Metrology, the Oxfordshire County Council, Veritec Solutions, and Xtramax. Grey Matter's SAMwise software asset management provides licensing tools and services.