Manigandan G


Azure Enablement

Cloud provides on demand scaling, real-time performance and an infrastructure designed to withstand failure where resources are managed and scaled ...
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Lotus Notes to SharePoint and Office 365 Migration

Businesses migrate their Lotus Notes based Mail, Applications and Workflows to Exchange, SharePoint / Office 365 to transform an organization ...
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Cloud Enablement

Mobility (Responsive UX), Agile Apps (accessible from anywhere), Big data (Powerful analytics) and Cloud Computing for better resource management, dynamic ...
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Intranets of the previous era faced challenges such as being static, offering a non-intuitive user experience, a painful search experience ...
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Exchange Migration

iLink follows the Microsoft recommended Exchange Migration steps to plan and implement the Exchange Migration in an organized manner. iLink ...
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Fiind fosters Upsell and Cross sell in Financial Services through Predictive Analytics

Businesses spend 5-10% of revenues on reaching, winning and retaining customers.  The conversion rates and return on spend is typically ...
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iLink develops Voice Activated Search Aggregator on Mobile Platforms

iLink has developed a Voice Activated Search Aggregator that can aggregate content from various sources such as Search Engines (Google ...
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Office 365 Migration enabled by iLink – Expand your Productivity Platform by moving to the Cloud

SMAC (Social, Mobility Analytics and Cloud Computing) is the mantra that moves the IT World.  Cloud Computing enables businesses to ...
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SharePoint Migration to 2013, A Productivity Booster Enabled by iLink

In a world where your Intellectual Property (Content) is Power Supreme, Collaboration is a mechanism to Success, Search and Discovery ...
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