Piyush Prakash

azure to devops party

Azure comes to DevOps Party!!

Microsoft announced Azure DevOps Services on September 10, 2018. It’s increasingly evident that DevOps has become increasingly critical to any ...
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SharePoint 2010: Classic Mode Vs Claims Based Authentication

One of the setting that you need to pick when creating a web application in SharePoint 2010 is the Authentication ...
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SharePoint 2013 Licensing Overview

For people who have been around SharePoint for a long time, one of the dreaded area to have an conversation ...
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Windows RT Vs WinRT vs Windows 8

One of the things that I was confused about in the last few hours, and I am confident that many ...
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Metro UI and Windows 8!!

I spent couple of hours this week trying to understand the Metro UI. While Microsoft is definitely betting big time ...
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SharePoint and BI : Better Together !!

I feel very motivated by the response to our last BI Capabilities of SharePoint webinar. My intuition is starting to ...
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De-mystifying Windows Azure AppFabric

There seems to lot of confusion about the Windows Azure AppFabric. Lot of it is primarily because of many people ...
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Technology Shown in Iron Man!

Recently I saw the Iron Man Series and I was amazed! The technology shown in the movie is just awesome ...
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