Azure comes to DevOps Party!!

Microsoft announced Azure DevOps Services on September 10, 2018. It’s increasingly evident that DevOps has become increasingly critical to any team’s success. The services announced this month span the breadth of the development lifecycle to help developers ship software faster and with higher quality. With this announcement, it seems Microsoft will start phasing out the existing VSTS (Visual Studio Team Service) offering. Although it may be a mistake to think of Azure DevOps as just another rebranding exercise. It is a strategic move to establish Microsoft as a leader in the DevOps market.

VSTS is a legacy product that has been getting intermittent overhauls in an attempt to provide an integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) experience. Software engineering processes and best practices have significantly changed in the last decade. CI/CD automation is not an afterthought anymore. Continuous integration, deployment, testing and monitoring are a norm. Infrastructure as a Code has enabled weekly release and rapid software deployment unlike ever before. Azure DevOps is an attempt to take leadership in the rapidly changing space.

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