Birdie – A Virtual Assistant To Enhance Productivity Within Organizations

Several Workforces around the Globe have moved towards remote office setups driven by the current situation; many of them permanently. According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, 4.7 million employees in the U.S tend to work remotely from home at least half the week. With the current situation, more than 10 million employees are working remotely from home permanently.


The need to interact and work with remote teams has therefore increased dramatically in a short time. While the positive impact of remote teams continues to surge, there are several day-to-day management issues that large teams and bigger organizations face. If you are a project manager or team lead or department head, chances are you are spending most of your time doing one of the following

  • Scheduling follow up calls to track work progress
  • Creating spreadsheets to assign or manage tasks
  • Opening multiple channels of communication (e-mail, virtual meetings, phone calls) simultaneously

Upwork recently reported that 73% of all Organizations will have remote workers by 2028. With this rise in need, collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams become crucial. iLink & Purpleslate have used the potential of these apps to build a new interactive assistant that enhances productivity within organizations.

As pioneers in the field of Conversational AI, we are ready to launch Birdie – our virtual assistant that can help businesses of all sizes to reduce the time spent on team status huddles and work management. We do not see Birdie as a replacement to the to-do list or project management tools. Birdie is rather focused on decluttering the laundry list of tasks and organizing them in a resolvable, structured dashboard. In short, Birdie gives the ‘bird’s eye view’ of everything the team is up to by substituting hours of phone calls and juggling multiple reports. Here is a video of how Birdie can fly into your work life and change it forever.

So, what is it like to have Birdie?

  • Keep the communication lines open within the organization
  • Monitor team, without micromanaging
  • Reduce the update clutter in heavily crowded stand-ups and long-running calls
  • Improve team productivity
  • Reduce status-update overhead
  • Document for future reading and follow-ups

If you are an active user of Slack, Teams, or Google Chat, Birdie comes to the rescue. You can invite Birdie to any of your project teams, Channels, Groups, or Rooms and let her do the job for you.

To know more about our virtual assistant or set-up one for your business, please visit or get in touch with an expert