Modern Apps and How they impact Business


Modern apps are next gen applications that work on a multitude of devices and form factors, and adapt to the needs of users through concepts such as natural user interactions, personalized experiences, social & professional connection integrations, data exchange with other apps as required, etc, typically providing these services through the cloud.

In more recent time, the demand for Modern apps has proliferated and is fast becoming a common requirement in different industries and markets – the opportunities for developing and deploying modern apps both for businesses and customers are immense. Let’s look at some high level statistics to see what drives this demand.

  • Recent studies show that 4.4 billion users and 14 billion devices are connected to the internet, and this statistic is growing. As one can imagine, this potentially provides businesses the opportunity to provide and propagate awareness of their products worldwide, and the best way to do that is to target the devices, appropriate apps, and data pulled into these devices including social media.
  • Better tracking of Customer behavior with proliferation of the mobile through additional types of data points such as locations, preferences, sentiments, etc.
  • The volume of data out there has increased multifold in the past few years – this kind of data explosion provides great insights into customer behaviors and likes, and an opportunity to respond faster to the market.
  • Practically every professional these days is getting most of their work done on the mobile and on the go, and expect through and through connectivity to all data (internal and external) that matters with immediate results.

Modern apps are the best way to exploit these conditions and it is no surprise that modern apps are presenting exciting opportunities for CIOs and critical decision makers in Corporates.

In order to exploit this market, it is important that Modern Apps address certain characteristics (or combinations) such as

Responsive – ability to work on a multitude of devices and form factors

Interoperable – ability to interact and exchange data with other apps on multiple platforms and languages

Hybrid – live on-premises or off-premises or both

Performant – operate with large and growing volumes of data

Intuitive – provide natural user interactions for compelling user and customer experience and retention

Agile – ability to innovate at a faster phase and deliver it to your customers

Scalable – quickly evolve and scale dynamically in cloud to make the best of both cost and performance

It is not going to be too long before all businesses discover their respective business opportunity and tap the market potential for modern apps to provide improved customer experiences, expand market reach to tap into new market geographies, and improve business performance to respond faster, among other things identified above. iLink assists customers in assessing their portfolios for opportunities to build business with modern apps as one of our offerings, and help enterprises realize value from their IT investments. Additional details about our offerings in this aspect are available at