Technology Shown in Iron Man!


Recently I saw the Iron Man Series and I was amazed! The technology shown in the movie is just awesome. What I liked the most about this movie is that most of thing that they were showing is possible and may be available to all in future instead of showing such Technology which can never exist which is shown in most of the other movies.

Now coming to the technology shown in the movie:

Jarvis (Edwin Jarvis):

In movie Jarvis is the name of the Tony Stark’s Computer. It’s a Digital Life Assistant. It operates all of his home and also helps him in his projects. It is Artificial Intelligent Software. Stark operates its computer by talking to him. The name Jarvis came from the iron man comic in which Edwin Jarvis was his servant and used to do all of the work of his home. The thing shown here is the Speech Recognition. Tony Stark talks to him, puts him question or tells him something and he responds accordingly. This is possible currently through the Microsoft Speech. It has its own SDK( Self Development Kit ) through which this can be done. By integrating it with an Artificially Intelligent Software such a Jarvis can be made. For only talking projects the chatbots available on the internet can be used to solve the problem.


3D Hologram:

In the movie there is a shown a 3d Hologram that can be made anywhere in his lab and the most awesome thing is that you can control through hand gestures and his computer i.e. Jarvis is very much trained and hence is able to track almost every hand gesture of Tony Stark. Here is the image of it

Here you can see that he is controlling the globe type thing though his hand and the globe and the whole thing is a 3D Reconstructed Hologram of the Expo Model

Hologram of the Expo Model:

Currently in Today’s world 3D Hologram is possible through a device name Cheoptics 360 which can make 3D holograms but not up to this that is shown in the movie. Talking about hand gestures, It is also possible in today’s world through computer vision technologies but not up to that level.


The Energy Source:

In the movie there is shown a device named Arc Reactor which can give almost 50 Gigajoules per second which is also the power source of Tony Stark Suite. The main reason that we cannot make such a suite in today’s world is that we don’t have such energy source available today which can give such an huge amount of energy for a long time, Even if we have it is too heavy to carry around

In the movie a good looking User Interface is also shown of tony stark’s computer, you can have a look at how things were made by searching ‘Iron man vfx in Google’. Summing Up all we can say that we are behind Tony Stark’s Technology. But lots will come in the future.