How Big Data & AI Work Together?

First, let’s talk identify what Big Data is.

Put simply, Big Data deals with how to extract useful information from data sets that are too large and complex to be managed by traditional data processing software. Larger data sets lead to more confidence in the derived results while more complexity leads to higher probability of false discovery. Big data focuses more on unstructured data, but it also deals with semi-structured and structured data all from diverse sources. It is a discipline that identifies ways to extract, deal, and analyze tremendous amounts of information systematically for interpretation. Finally, the four characteristics of Big Data are volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.

Second, let’s talk about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is

Artificial intelligence is a branch in computer science that deals with building smart algorithms/machines capable of performing jobs that typically would need human intelligence. It basically refers to any machine that perceives the environment and takes actions to maximize the chance of successfully meeting objectives. This field fundamentally assumes that machines today can precisely simulate human intelligence. Finally, AI has applications in many fields such as – human speech interaction, autonomous vehicles, military simulations, content delivery networks and many more.

Lastly, let’s talk about how do Big Data and AI work together

In earlier times, Big Data companies and services did not exist much since there were no tools or methods to analyze large and complex data sets. With the advent of AI and machine learning that challenge is getting resolved with technologies helping interpret many kinds of data and data forms – structured, semi-structured and unstructured.
AI and Big Data exist symbiotically, Big Data is the fuel for AI to make decisions and meet objectives. Today, AI and Big Data work together to provide input to businesses to enable a better, more successful future. Let’s see how AI is specifically helping deliver business insights from Big Data:
1. AI helps detect irregularities and patterns within Big Data for important business analysis.
2. AI helps businesses reduce manual labor by recognizing Big Data patterns that might remain undetected and taking over mundane tasks.
3. AI’s ability to analyze Big Data and provide recommendations has been used successfully to analyze information from IOT devices that spread across a variety of industries.
4. AI is helping businesses innovate in the right direction by generating quality information from Big Data.
5. AI is helping boost product/service sales by interpreting huge amounts of customer data sets to provide recommendations to customers and personalizing customer experience.
6. AI is supporting improved management in organizations as it provides actionable insights through faster and quality interpretation of huge data sets.

Even though there is tremendous potential in the partnership between Big Data and AI, there are some risks and concerns.
1. Big Data is only getting bigger and bigger by the day and there is a huge concern that through AI spurious patterns might come about with might support machine decisions that cause danger to humans.
2. Creating AI technologies for Big Data interpretation is very costly and there is a fear that this partnership might be reducing the total number of jobs available to humans.

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