Evangelize Your Platform (EYP) Series Part 3

In Part 3, we would touch upon the important steps in ESM (Eight Step Methodology) in EYP on that value addition. For more information on ESM steps, please contact a Practice Director at iLink Systems to schedule a detailed conference call.

After we decide on the Demand Generation strategy, we facilitate a Business Decision Maker’s event. Based on the leads generated, we carry out Lead Nourishment and Nurturing activities and organize follow up events where technical decision makers can be involved to evangelize the platform. The most important of all is the last step in ESM wherein iLInk Systems typically carry out activities such as collecting the feedback from customers, analyzing the data and fine tune the EYP process and refine the strategy for the product or platform evangelization.

Thus we conclude the series on Evangelize Your Platform (EYP) framework which has helped our clients to successfully evangelize their platform and have increased adoption by planning it beforehand. For more details on the Framework, contact Amitava Lahiri, SVP Global Business Operations at iLink Systems or visit our website to submit a business inquiry.