Fiind fosters Upsell and Cross sell in Financial Services through Predictive Analytics


Businesses spend 5-10% of revenues on reaching, winning and retaining customers.  The conversion rates and return on spend is typically low.  Customer acquisition and retention are one of Financial Services Industry’s biggest problems. Fiind Product from iLink’s partner Fiind, Inc provides a Smart Prospecting Platform to enrich the prospect information in Financial Services Companies’ CRM systems with social data from Facebook, Twitter etc. along with 30+ other open sources and uses predictive alogrithms to identify prospects that are most interested in the product portfolio of Financial Services Companies.

Fiind improves ROI of Financial Services Institutions by reducing the cost of acquiring a customer.  It identifies prospects that are under-served and highly profitable.  A regional bank in U.S and a high tech services have subscribed to Fiind to improve their Customer Prospecting and Retention.

Fiind uses micro-segmentation to map right products to right customers.  It uses usage data to map right products to right customers.  It uses compelling event data to map right products to right customers.  It uses persona and contextual attributes to upsell and cross sell, prevent churn.

Fiind provides to Financial Services institutions more timely and accurate information for daily risk management.  It can enhance consistency of valuations across asset classes for Derivative Traders whilst helping Financial Services institutions meeting regulatory demands.

Fiind is available in both On-premise and on Cloud.  It leverages Azure’s Machine Learning Capabilities and R Programming Language.  Fiind provides APIs that can be used to access Fiind’s data ingestion, parsing, analytics and insight capabilities.  Financial Services Organizations can use these APIs to integrate Fiind in their Line of Business (LoB) applications.

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