Top 6 Ways to Leverage Technology to Enable a Remote Workforce

On March 12th, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the COVID-19 outbreak, generally known as coronavirus, a pandemic. Even after continuous efforts from leaders of the world, it’s been difficult to fully contain the spread which is hard to forcing many organizations to experience significant disruptions.

Though the organizations have transitioned their employees to working remotely, many were not prepared to make this change so abruptly, due to the lack of ‘work from home’ arrangements. This requires solutions to address previous in-person communication:

  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time feedbacks
  • Project management
  • Daily check-ups and
  • Performance monitoring

To make this adjustment as smooth as possible, technology will play a vital role for the companies to ensure they maintain a competitive edge. This digital transformation helps workforces to stay connected and serve the clients without a disruption to normal workflows.

How is iLink Systems Bridging the Gap?

Being an IT infrastructure solution provider and Microsoft Partner, iLink understands the need for technology and digital tools. Our technical solutions across various platforms empower companies to bring teleworking outside the conventional office setting and generate a customized roadmap of solutions.

For businesses to maintain productivity, iLink offers an in-depth evaluation of the existing business frameworks to focus on the technologies that will make sure your company is the most productive it’s been.

In these times of global health crises, our following remote working services keep your collaborative working space both active and agile.

1.  Microsoft Azure VPN

Wherever you take remote work, your organization needs to have adequate infrastructure to handle all the employees working on a Virtual Private Network. A VPN gateway is used to transmit data from one point to another over the internet. Microsoft Azure VPN gateway transmits your encrypted traffic between Azure virtual networks over the Microsoft network. It connects the in-house network to Azure through Site-to-Site VPN.

Though each virtual network can have only one VPN gateway, we can create several connections to a single VPN gateway. Microsoft VPN provides secure connectivity and uses industry-standard protocols, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). This means your employees can access the important data they need, anywhere to do make sure the essential work doesn’t stop.

2. Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enables employees to access applications simply through logging into an internet browser. It provides secure remote desktop access to the end-users to run the business applications and desktop resources from the cloud.

RDS is highly flexible and easy to set up on Azure, as it accepts secure connections from any computer and mobile device having a reliable network connection. It can run multiple desktop environments from a single RDS installation, making management simple and efficient.

3.  Microsoft Teams Enablement

Working remotely can result in employees feeling isolated without daily in-person meetings. Microsoft Teams helps employees stay connected and get together virtually, whether for a brainstorming meeting or just for daily updates. It keeps the operational plan in place so that your organization ensures long-term success.

It enables organizations to collaborate through online chats, video calling, and document sharing. The video meetings can be recorded for the team members who have missed them or were not able to join. They can even access the automatically generated transcript to review any important information that needs to be repeated. The employees can even edit shared documents simultaneously.


Though technology is narrowing the communication gap, getting messages across clearly without any technical barriers is still a problem for many organizations. Handling numerous meetings, managing emails, and quick conversations between teams can be challenging, if not dealt in an organized way.

Birdie, a virtual assistant for every team member, brings this culture of open communication and teamwork. It uses simple vocabulary to interact and keeps every team member informed with a virtual stand out. With the help of powerful AI features, your team can easily plan out their day and focus on what matters the most.

Through simple dashboards, Birdie keeps the information organized and immediately look for what they want. It keeps everything virtual, documented, and available across different time zones, helping companies to achieve more productivity from their employees.

5.Azure Backup

The Azure Backup service is simpler and more cost-efficient than the other cloud backup solutions. It backups your on-site resources and recovers the data from the Microsoft Azure cloud, keeping the data safe and secure. Azure Backup uses Recovery service vaults to retain data for the short as well as long term.

The key benefits of using Azure Backup services are

  • It provides independent and remote backups to protect against the accidental loss of original data. With built-in management of recovery points, you can easily restore the data as needed.
  • Azure backup provides high availability of cloud space with zero maintenance or overhead monitoring. The inbound or outbound data is free of charge with no limit on the amount of data transfer. Though cost associates with inbound data if a large amount of data is imported using Azure Import/Export service.
  • It also provides inherent monitoring and alerting facilities without any additional management infrastructure. The application-consistent backups by Azure reduce restoration time and require no additional fixes to get your work back on track.

Azure Backup automatically allocates and manages backup storage. The best thing is you only pay for the storage you use.

6.Smart Work Analytics

As the world is becoming more data-driven, iLink’s Smart Works tool provides insight into employee’s performance and time expenditure. With the help of this data, organizations make their teams work as efficiently and remotely as possible.

iLink Smart Works provides solutions that automatically classify the digital work of the employees and helps to determine the effort spent on a particular project. This visualization of the team workload helps you to meet accurate deadlines and stay ahead on projects.

iLink Smart Works can be easily installed on employees’ computers and manage large volumes of data to generate insights for executive dashboards. Functional insights cut costs and save time, improving employee engagement and outlining responsibilities for the efficient spread of the workload.

The Take-Away!

Remote working is here to stay. iLink offers solutions that aim to optimize your company’s performance and enhance efficiency that focus on customer experience. Not sure why you should care about Customer Experience? Learn more about how Digital Transformation is changing Customer Experience :

These solutions are affordable, easily accessible, and help employees to get their job done. If you’re ready to learn more, get in touch with our experts who can access your needs and help deliver solutions to drive meaningful outcomes.

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