Business Intelligence


EIM = Hidden free gems in MS SQL 2012 jungle + free lunch?

Or, how the NEXT BUTTON syndrome can cause you to miss big and free EIM goodies, not counting the lunch ...
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One Big Lock, Many Keys

Hadoop has changed the way we process and analyse large volumes of data. The java map reduce framework has been ...
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Building a Data warehouse – Two approaches – Same or Different?

Industry accepted definition of a data warehouse is – “a subject oriented, integrated, nonvolatile, time variant collection of data for ...
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SQL Server 2012 is almost here! What’s new? and Why should you care?

SQL Server 2012 which was code named “Denali” is releasing on March 7th in an elaborate launch event. The RC0 ...
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Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5: Cool new user-centric design supports development

I recently upgraded my Samsung Focus Windows Phone to Mango build which is now called Windows Phone 7.5. If you ...
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Business Intelligence For All Businesses

Exactly what is BI? Traditionally BI meant data warehousing, decision support and analysis. Business intelligence has come a long way ...
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