SharePoint Intranet

Employee Productivity and Social Engagement using SharePoint Based Intranet Intranets are becoming increasingly important in enterprises not only as a ...
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iLink develops Voice Activated Search Aggregator on Mobile Platforms

iLink has developed a Voice Activated Search Aggregator that can aggregate content from various sources such as Search Engines (Google ...
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Too Big to Fail.. But, Too Big to Care?

Good guess, I am alluding to the Banking Industry. When Banks hemorrhage – slightly or severely – Uncle Sam pulls ...
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Mobility in Government – Windows 8 as a player

Effective IT applications and automation services are pivotal as Governments, both State & Local and Federal, work towards and lean ...
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2012 Election Season Ripe for Third Party [Tech] Platform

America seems to like its two-party system because no matter how much we may lament it, we don’t seem to ...
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Mobile Health

It is interesting to observe how the healthcare technology space is evolving -Mobility in healthcare known as 'mHealth' is the ...
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Lumia 710

'Lumia 710' was the first Nokia Smartphone on Windows Phone (Mango) operating systems to hit markets. With its intuitive Metro ...
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Bubbling to the Surface?

"Surface" - Introduced by Microsoft as its own line of tablets on June 18th 2012. “Surface” comes in two versions: ...
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Microsoft wants you to access your files from anywhere using any computer

Microsoft has just release a free SkyDrive App for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. And iPhone? Late in August Microsoft ...
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Year One – Windows Phone Marketplace

There is a lot of talk about the Android and Apple (iOS) Apps stores and the tons of apps available ...
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