Microsoft’s gone Modern! – Windows 8 and “Modern” UI Style

Microsoft is getting a full make over! We had been hearing from Microsoft that the “Metro”, which is now called ...
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Windows 8 and Metro UI!

Windows 8 and Metro UI! Tablets and mobile computing have taken over the consumer marketplace, keeping pace with smart phones ...
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Branding Internal Applications – the Benefits

Why synergizing the products your internal applications will lead to productivity. Most companies now have several systems they use internally ...
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Designing a Mobile Application

How to create the right approach in your company for success in building mobile applications. More often than not, clients ...
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A Guide to ensuring quality and consistency when developing Rich Applications.

Most of the projects I work on involve developing a new interface on a website or application that appears cutting-edge ...
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Meeting User Expectations

Why you need to understand that your users care deeply about design. The expectations of user experience are rising. Whether ...
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Good UI = ROI

One of the most common scenarios I work through with clients is outlining how to achieve ROI through a good ...
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iLink-Systems UX Overview

Today, the challenges of delivering successful UX to users are greater than ever before. Whether your user is on a ...
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