How We're Adapting

Taking Care of Our People while We Take Care of Business

Precautions We’re Taking

  • Core Business Continuity Team assessing the evolving situation daily and strategizing next steps
  • US & India locations closed – mandatory remote work
  • Travel restrictions & mandatory self-quarantine post travel

Maintaining Remote Engagement

  • Remote standup meetings to ensure project coordination
  • Infrastructure readiness & VPN connecivity
  • Constant communication from leadership for consistent engagement across all org levels
  • Increased use of collaboration platforms & video conferencing channels

Ensuring Enhanced Security

  • Increased network monitoring & IP Management
  • Securing laptops through remote system management & end point protection
  • Dedicated IT support for remote employees 24/7

Continuing to Look Ahead

  • Ongoing assessment of client & partner IT infrastructure to support ongoing remote work scenarios
  • Video & phone meetings in lieu of in-person meetings
  • Leveraging additional work time to focus on basics and continuing education
  • Enhancing our offshore capabilities


June 17 2020

  • Maintain ongoing open communication between leadership and organization
  • Ongoing support for continuous internet access & monitoring remote IT infrastructure to provide seamless support to customers 
  • Supporting balance between work & home with engagement activities and flexible work hours

May 7 2020

  • Conducted all-hands meeting for all US & India based employees offering business update and Q&A.
  • Lockdown in India extended to May 17th, India based employees continue to work remotely.
  • All US employees continue to work remotely.
  • Ongoing employee engagement activities along with optional daily meditation sessions.

April 28 2020


  • Prioritizing employee health, both mental and physical well being. Offering employee engagement sessions for all remote employees, including ongoing 3-day a week, 1-hour meditation sessions.
  • Ongoing employee online meetings with virtual birthday celebrations and games.
  • Encourage employees to share WFH moments for a video compilation.

April 21 2020

  • All our offices in the US and India remain closed. Employees continue to work remotely from home.
  • Regular sanitization of all iLink offices to prepare for the eventual transition to in-office work.
  • Ongoing remote employee engagement including online activities including health & wellness and ergonomic seminars and artistic competitions.

April 14 2020

  • Lockdown in India extended till May 3rd.
  • All locations in India and US continue to work remotely.
  • No major disruption and no delays in the client deliverables since WFH implementation 27 days ago.

April 10 2020

  • Awareness session conducted regarding Postures, Ergonomics etc.

April 3 2020

  • iLink publishes insightful dashboard on Covid-19 –
  • Focusing on Employee Wellness by providing Online Meditation Sessions to help manage stress.

March 27 2020

  • Infra Team provides an improved dashboard to monitor remote connectivity performance

March 26 2020

  • Employee wellness focused engagement calendar released. Remote activities planned for meditation, Yoga, diet, ergonomics etc.

March 24 2020

  • Work from home enabled for all locations in India & US. All 700+ employees transitioned to WFH successfully.

March 23 2020

  • Provide learning and development platforms for all employees
  • Sanitized transport facilities in Chennai and Trichy

March 22 2020

  • Townhall conducted for all India employees by CEO and CPO.

March 20 2020

  • Plan in place to have 24×7 support for iLink development and data centers
  • Readiness checked through mock drill for all locations in case of complete lockdown

March 19 2020

  • Considering COVID19 situation in Pune, employees working from Pune office shifted to WFH.
  • Thermal scanner made available at all the locations.
  • Continuous office sanitization along with awareness session for people in office and working remotely.

March 17 2020

  • Telemedicine portal MDLive activated for all the employees in the US
  • Accelerated IT Infra procurement and installation of necessary tools to enable WFH
  • In order to ensure minimal disruption and continued productivity, Work from Home guidelines issued to the employees.
  • Partial work from home started in India

March 16 2020

  • All employees in the US offices start “work from home”.
  • People working from the client locations continue to follow the client’s advisory.
  • BCP guidelines, aligned with government guidelines & protocols, rolled out for all locations.

March 13 2020

  • Taking account of the situation, the CPO invoked Business Continuity Planning. Core team formed to manage COVID19. Preparations for “work from home” started.

March 9 2020

  • Mandatory quarantine of 14 days for all the people traveling across the countries
  • Responding to the COVID19 situation in Greater Seattle area in the US, Bothell office starts “work from home”.
  • People working from client locations followed the client’s advisory.

March 4 2020

  • Travel advisory issued to avoid any non-mandatory travel.
  • February 2020
  • Awareness drive started in all the locations.
  • Posters and sanitizers (hand rubs) placed prominently in the offices.
  • Enhanced cleaning started

February 2020

  • Awareness drive started in all the locations.  
  • Posters and sanitizers (hand rubs) placed prominently in the offices.  
  • Enhanced cleaning started