Cloud Migration Helps Reduce Management Overhead and Enhance User Experience.

The Challenge

Our client was maintaining separate AD environment for its users in US and Mexico office. Some users working across environments had to have multiple user accounts in order to collaborate with the users across two AD organizations. The client had been facing challenges to maintain on premise exchange environment in terms of managing its growth and capacity planning.

Hence the client decided to migrate from local Microsoft Exchange to Office 365. This was a part of the overall initiative a to leverage the broader capabilities of Office 365 including Office, SharePoint & Lync to enhance user experience, productivity and collaboration between various client locations.

Our Approach

iLink did a complete analysis of the client’s environment and proposed an AD consolidation between the AD forests in Mexico and US. iLink completed the AD consolidation and machine migration into the new domain. Subsequently iLink cleaned up the complete AD with 2500+ objects.

iLink implemented a Hybrid Deployment model for customer migration thereby performing batch-based migration of 2400+ mailboxes and about 10TB of mail data with minimal business impact. The migration to Office 365 with conducted with minimal business impact. Additionally, iLink implemented ADFS based Single Sign On solution for the new Office 365 environment.

The Outcome

  • Supported high business critical application (Exchange) migration with minimal business impact
  • Rehydrated the attachments into the mailbox before migration so as to ensure zero data loss due to migration
  • Helped bring two AD forests into one consolidated AD thereby easing the operation management of AD
  • Mailbox migration of 2400+ mailboxes. (`10 TB of data)
  • Setup SSO experience for customer employees enabling better user experience
  • Enabled Automatic Profile Re-configuration thereby proactively reducing tickets in post migration phase