IoT Solution Creates Dynamic Portal & Delivers Analytics

The Challenge

Our client, a provider of technology services typically sold on a subscription basis was offering a portfolio of end-to-end IoT solutions including smart devices, network connectivity, and service applications capable of addressing the needs of various markets and customers. The client approached iLink with the need for a portal to help customers manage all the details of their subscription, including rate plans, tracking, analytics with diagnostic capabilities, reports, billing, and user management. They wanted the portal to scale across thousands of devices and be easy for customers to load, assign, and manage their services. 

The client currently was running a legacy application built in the 1990s with tightly packed architecture lacking the scope of reusability, extendibility, and scalability. The existing components that had been developed were tightly coupled objects fully dependent on server interaction to perform successfully, and the user interface had limited functionality that did not support responsive design. 

With a dire need to rearchitect their system and a lack of in-house core competency to do so, iLink was able to address their needs and help deliver a meaningful solution.  

Our Approach

iLink’s team started with analyzing the existing information and creating a detailed plan and strategy. We began with rearchitecting the client’s provisioning system to reduce the number of dependencies and coupled components without affecting the client’s business layer for initial phases of the project. We would then gain knowledge of the tightly coupled objects to provide a highly scaled decoupled architecture 

We chose to leverage our provisioning domain experts to understand the existing system including various carrier integration rules to ensure a reliable solution would be delivered, keeping customer experience intact while allowing an option to scale for future business needs.  


iLink proposed the architecture initiative in three phases that were completed in 2-week sprints.  

Phase 1 

Phase 1 involved changing the UI of both the business and operational systems while leaving the backend as it was. This entailed modernizing the website by using new technology, such as Angular JS, and implementing new APIs to interact with the front end, which changed the front end’s entire look and feel. 

iLink was also sure to put in enough information and levels of abstraction into the system that would allow them to more easily decouple it in Phase 2. 

Phase 2 

Phase 2 involved putting in more architecture while continuing to make sure that the client’s business layer was not affected. iLink was then able to quickly decouple the problematic modules and implement enough APIs so that complexity was no longer an issue. 

Phase 3 

Phase 3 includes the complete decoupled solutions integrated with a modernized website that ensure high scalability, readability, and maintainability.  

Throughout execution, iLink worked as both a business partner and a technology partner for our client, setting them up for future success. We continuously reached out to multiple departments to continuously understand existing problems and deliver solutions. This resulted in the building of trust between iLink and our client, which allowed us to further implement solutions and gain feedback to continue improving customer experience.  


ILink’s subscription management solution for our client, INSITE, is an enhanced, scalable, and dynamic portal that supports real-time accounts, subscription, application, billing, rate plan, user, and reporting mechanisms. This portal also provides efficient tracking and analytics tools with diagnostics proficiencies, allowing customers to manage their end-to-end services. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Customer-facing Subscriptions, Rate Plans, and an Account Management system. 
  • Unique tools for tracking, analytics, and diagnostics. 
  • An exclusive billing mechanism. 

iLink was able to successfully deliver this solution while not affecting anything in their business layer. Since the launch of our solution, it is currently being used by every single user and now a core platform within the Business Support System & Support System spaces.  

Beyond the benefits of our hybrid solution, iLink also introduced Agile Methodologies to the company and able to demonstrate how these technologies could allow the client to transparently see and analyze their data to accomplish more in a quicker time frame, increasing efficiency organization-wide.