Customer – A leading M2M Wireless Solutions provider

Value Proposition – IoT Product Development, Reliable & Scalable Technology Solution

Wireless Backup Solution

The Challenge

The desire to bring a high degree of reliability to the segment within the Small Medium Business (SMB) customers base that places a high value on broadband connectivity. These customers are reliant on broadband service to support all company internet functions, business applications, email, credit card processing etc. These SMB customers are highly impacted in the event of a loss of a broadband service. The challenge for Comcast to ensure high reliability of internet connectivity for these customers.

The Solution

The Comcast offered a Wireless Backup Service solution which ensure overall reliability (Broadband & LTE failover) at 99.9% to their SMB customers. This solution utilizes an IoT device including LTE dual SIM router capability which monitor the Broadband and Wireless link and fails over / fails back from / to broadband when outages occur / recover. In the event of a loss of Broadband service, an LTE device detects the loss and automatically switches over to 4G LTE service. Upon detection of broadband recovery, the device automatically switches service back to Comcast Broadband.


iLink, a trusted preferred partner has been involved with their IoT expertise from client side to build an end-to-end software solution. As a part of Comcast Wireless Backup solution offering, a web portal was built with different roles leveraging various processes and services which integrates with different APIs, and external entities. All the Business, Ordering, Kitting and Shipping workflows complexity was seamlessly handled through this software solution which helped Comcast to successfully introduce this product in the market.

The Outcome

The successful launch of Wireless Backup Solution helped Comcast to increase the reliability to 99.9% for their SMB customers.