Real time Data Visualization Enables Better, Faster Decision Making.

The Challenge

Our client a leading oil & gas company had millions of real time data recorded from Oil Fields. The large volume of data coming from multiple systems for different fields gave rise to following issues:

  • End users were not able to visualize real time data and make important business decisions on time.
  • Not able to predict directions on drilling wells, forecast and optimize production
  • Millions of records to be checked for data quality, consolidation and aggregation
  • Multiple processes to extract and store the aggregated data
  • Connectivity issues

Our Approach

  • Conceptualized, designed and developed an application with various components for the end user to visualize real time data and aggregated data.
  • Designed and developed back end services using third party API’s and in house (using .Net) APIs to connect with different real time sources such as OsiPi, GE Proficy, Honeywell PHP to pull data (tag, time and value) and store as it is for further processes to check for data quality and aggregation.
  • ETL process using Kettle, SSIS to check quality of real time data, aggregate (hourly average, daily average, monthly average etc.…) as per business needs and store in database.
  • Rich user interfaces to visualize real time data (automatic refresh of UI for latest data) and aggregated data.

The Outcome

  • Users able to see real time data of oil fields from their offices
  • Important and critical decisions influencing activities in oil fields are taken instantaneously based on the data
  • Aggregated data helped users to derive key financial metrics such as P&L, ROI, etc.
  • Various predicting models are run on the data to help decide directions on drilling wells, optimize production, etc.
  • Historic data of oil fields are stored in a structured way so it can be referred back any time