App Integration Takes the Guesswork Out of Gardening

The Challenge

Its’s always a responsible task to grow and maintain your outdoor garden. Watering the Plants on daily basis without any feedback is wasting a critical resource.  Also, the watering requirement changes with weather and quality of soil.

There is no unique solution, which addresses outdoor gardening and supports Wi-Fi and GSM. Managing the water needs of a garden requires precision and timing.

Our Approach

iLink created a smart sprinkler system compatible with almost any existing irrigation system. This system can connect with a GSM based unit and is not reliant on Wi-Fi. We enabled a worry-free system by allowing the user to control and monitor every aspect of the outdoor water usage with our intuitive app.

The dashboard enables quick changes to watering schedules, allows the user to receive real-time notifications to start, stop or pause watering, all from a handheld device. Sprinklers are managed with voice commands or using smart home platforms like Alexa, or Google.

The Outcome

ILink’s integrated app that allows for guided schedule creation, automatic weather adjustments and smartphone control. The app enables the user to give the garden what it needs with water leak detection, tank level sensing and powerful app technology in one easy-to-use system.

The solution utilizes best in class Weather Intelligence to avoid unnecessary watering in rain, wind or snow and captures continuously updated weather data to adjust the schedule based on local forecasts.

The user can review usage data, monitor watering, receive alerts and notifications and even stop leaks to provide a complete picture of outdoor water usage and avoid wastage. Upon a simple installation, the app quickly alerts the user about leaks, clogs, or bad zone valves to avoid any damage. Water levels are visualized with the app to notify the user when the tank falls below a certain level.