Customer – A leading Veterinary Hospital

The Challenge

WW  – An enterprise level thick client application designed and developed for managing corporate and hospital needs of Customer which includes managing products and services across hospitals, clients/patients management, appointment management, hospital resource management, invoicing and reporting

Problem statement:

Customer wanted a design of SPA in windows development with glossy look and feel like MS Outlook and user-friendly navigations.

The Solution

Since Silverlight was about to get deprecated and client wanted glossy look and feel like MS Outlook and user friendly navigations, WW was designed and developed with cutting edge technologies such as WPF, MVVM, Prism MEF containers, XSLT templates and various third party controls like Telerik, Newtonsoft etc. SQL merge replication is mainly used for replicating data across huge number of hospital database servers. Role based authorization using MS Azman, Printing features. Client communication services like text reminders, emails, icf calendars for pet appointment bookings. Huge number of product creation with different pricing for different products has been handled using SSIS packages. Chromium controls have been used to integrate web pages within WW windows application. Azure storage like DocumentDB and Blobs are used for storing client and patient documents, images & reports in Cloud. Messenger app is implemented for live chat, documents sharing among providers and customer staff.

The Outcome

WW gone live almost in 850 hospitals in USA and Canada and helps paper less operations.