Ticketing Framework


The increase in the complexity of IT footprint in most companies has resulted in significant increase in the number of tickets/issues created per day. It is estimated that more than half of the tickets are now created by automated processes and/or are repeat tickets. The cost of processing repeats tickets itself would be Millions of $/months. The current process results in longer Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) times. more…


Application Portfolio Management


  • Maintains detailed information (with organizational hierarchy) about the responsible parties along with integrated contact information
  • Enables application organizations to efficiently rationalize their application assets
  • Tracks every aspect of the application including upgrades, support strategy, IT infrastructure (eg. servers, software licenses)


Construction project management solution

Construction project management solution that enables large organizations to keep track of their ongoing construction projects, analyze data and conform to regulatory and legal requirements.


  • Reduce project and program risk through increased visibility



Business Process

  • The Solution Framework.NET is aimed towards enabling the developer to easily build TmForum Framework based solution on .NET leveraging Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server
  • The SolutionFrameworx.NET tools and techniques can be utilized both by software developers and system integrators
  • MTOSI, the Multi-Technology Operations System Interface, is a single standard that provides the “glue” to connect the various OSS systems


Operations Tracking Solution

Network operations trouble ticketing system which is compliant with TM Forum Frameworx standards (eTOM, TAM, SID, TIP) and supports location based dispatching of technicians

Solution Overview:

  • End-to-End solution to manage faults through integration among



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