What is a Framework?

Frameworks are targeted re-usable set of components that iLink has developed to be readily utilized by our customers. Goal is to:

  • Save precious time and money that it takes to get the plumbing right for any project
  • Establish best practices and guidelines to be utilized across projects
  • Ensure consistency in quality and delivery processes across projects

iLink GIS Framework - Overview

Most of the business today rely on high volume of complex data to perform daily operations. Decision makers are exploring new and innovative ways to derive meaningful conclusions from the enormous amount of data that resides in multiple data silos within the organizations.

GIS has evolved into a transforming technology that enables spatial/geographical display, analysis, trending, pattern recognition and decision making


iLink GIS Framework can:

  • Show intelligent business data, pattern and KPIs on top of a map.
  • Facilitate decision making
  • Enable streamlined communication between geographically disbursed teams
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources


iLink GIS Framework has been designed to support multiple data providers and consumers. Communication happens through a set of well defined interfaces that facilitates easy creation of new data providers and consumers. Following diagram present a high level data conceptual technical overview.

GIS Framework


iLink GIS Framework is already being utilized by multiple companies to create intuitive visualizations, and improve decision making. Here are few screenshots of few sample implementations:

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise Collaboration community
  • Business Process and Work flow Automation
  • Enterprise Search
  • Enterprise content management and Intranet/Extranet collections
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Service
  • Self Service Capability
  • Delivery Channels

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Bing API
  • XAML
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

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