Vacation Central Framework

Vacation Central Framework

Now a days, tracking vacation details for employees is becoming a mundane task and needs a good amount of manual intervention and work. While this is very important to the Employee for planning and informational purposes, this data is also very critical to HR personnel from various perspective ranging from Payroll processing to reconciliation, not to mention the workflows and automation to enhance productivity through this entire process, on a day-day basis. This raises the need for a robust system that handles automated workflows, automated credit & accrual, till reconciliation. Vacation Central was inspired by these challenges and designed around this to make this system more productive. Vacation Central Framework is designed as an effective and easy to use tool for applying, approving, maintaining, and configuring the vacations of employees. In-built with Powerful features of SharePoint 2013, this tool will be widely used by the entire workforce in any given organization. With Role based access control, Configurable AdminCentral, In-built Business rules, automated workflows, etc., this tool can be easily plugged into an organization’s existing systems or intranet, thereby increasing the productivity via process automation.

iLink’s frameworks are a set of prebuilt and tested modules that iLink Systems provides at no extra charge to accelerate delivery of projects for our clients. By using our frameworks you will have your projects completed by 30% to 50% on day 1, thus significantly reducing your TCO and time to market.

Technology View | Power of SharePoint Integration:

  • Existing AD Group and User profiles Integration/Synchronization
  • Workflow Automation , integration with Outlook for email notification & calendar
  • Automated Credit & Accrual of Leaves based on Business rules
  • Handy Indication of “Who is Off” today
  • Role Based Access Control


  • Employee Details, Holiday List ,Available leave balance
  • Grant/Reject with Unread Requests notification
  • Request Leave , View Leave Status , Approve/Reject Leave ,Cancel Leave
  • Quick Snap shot of My Team’s Leave Calendar
  • Hourly Time off Tracking


  • Admin Central view and access by HR
  • Mapping / Configure User List
  • Edit Employee data, View HR Report
  • Configure Who is off & Holiday list
  • Reconciliation features
  • Potential integration with LOB applications – Payroll & Benefits , Talent Engagement – Hiring & Training , Project Management

Technology Used

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