As never before, Legal matter management has become more challenging due to ever-increasing case loads and constrained resources. Adding to the woes are the decentralized storage and disparate tools, demanding your legal team to look into multiple screens and systems to gain a complete picture on a single legal matter. We believe we can offer a better solution that helps you focus your efforts on your core tasks rather than having to meddle around with different applications trying to work your way out. With our Matter Management Framework you are in complete control of your information and workflows. The Matter Management framework helps the Legal departments streamline their operations through process automation, better reporting capabilities, improved visibility and seamless integration with other applications. The framework is powered by popular technologies like Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, Dynamics CRM, MS Word and MS Outlook.

Key Features:

Document management

  • Centralized repository for all kinds of documents
  • Convenient content upload and ability to organize
  • Ability to search, tag and comment
  • Version management
  • Approval workflows and notifications

Integration with other applications

  • Outlook integration – associate incoming and outgoing mails with matters
  • Lync integration – enable better collaboration and associate conversations with matters
  • Domino integration – associate conversations with matter

Secure access through defined roles

  • Conveniently setup accounts with desired permissions
  • Secure sharing of contents based on account privileges

Matter Lifecycle management

  • Track matters at every stage of their lifecycle
  • Approval workflows
  • Convenient lookup based on matter status

Improved navigation and better insights

  • Ability view matters and associated documents in-place
  • Ability to search across matters based on specified criteria
  • Rich reports and dashboards that provide key insights

Migration of legacy systems

  • Convenient migration of the pre-existing matters

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